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Fueled Friday – Creating an Online Marketing Plan

So it’s 2010 and surely you have heard lots of talk about creating an online marketing plan for your business. If you haven’t, then I have a reading assignment for you – check out Search Engine Land’s Big List: 2010 Marketing Predictions & Resolutions. Don’t get overwhelmed and try to read it all, but peruse the titles and read two articles from each heading. Sure, it will be an investment of time, but it is exactly that – and investment in yourself and your business.

Now that you have your assignment, let’s get started. Before I discuss the online marketing plan, I will point out that this should be a subsection of your marketing plan which is part of your business plan. If you don’t have a business plan, then that is a great place to start; but don’t let it get in the way of promoting your business online (make a side note and put it on your long term to do list). Having a website that generates leads and business is more important that stopping the business to write the plan if you didn’t do that already.

To create an online marketing plan, you have to ask yourself what you are looking to accomplish with your website, look at what you have (or haven’t) done in the past, set some benchmarks, and take action. Although websites serve may purposes (some for profit and others not), I am going to focus on websites that generate revenue.

Step #1 – Be There
Start with the website itself. I assume that you have one, but even if you don’t, the first step is to get one up and running, no matter how simple. Something is always better than nothing and truly there is absolutely no excuse for a business to not have a website. If you don’t and you don’t have the business that you want, stop wondering why and contact me for a referral to a designer.

If you have a website that was built in 1999, then I am sure people are not as likely to do business with you than if you have an updated website. If you have outdated content on your website, it just may not be exciting for people to learn about trends from a decade ago. Make a commitment to invest in the website, because one of the worse things you can do is drive targeted visitors to a website that is ugly and ineffective.

Step #2 – Look at the Past
It has been said that “you can’t go forward while looking in the rear view mirror” and the point here is to not dwell in the past, but to look at what you did or not do to learn how to more forward.

Look at what you did and find out what worked (and do more of that). Find out what didn’t work and why; then seek to implement those strategies more effectively and chances are you will see more success provide you remove the hindrances. Finally, look at what you did not do and find out why you failed to get them done. If it is a resource issue, then outsource; if it is a knowledge issue, then go find the information you need.

Step #3 – Set Benchmarks
Consider what specific goals you want to accomplish with your website. Ultimately, your goal is to increase business, but you have to break that down intro specific targets such as:

    Increasing search engine visits by “x” percent.
    Adding more content to the website.
    Adding a blog to the website.
    Building Social Media Profiles (such as Facebook).
    Increasing customer conversion rates.
    Capturing more information from prospects.
    Growing your in house email list by “x” percent.
    Tracking website analytics.
    Increase lead volume by “x” percent.

Remember that only about 3% of people write down their goals, and about 3% of people are considered successful. I would write those goals down and look at them often as you watch your numbers improve.

Step #4 – Take (Massive) Action
Once you have mapped out your strategy, get the job done. Do not stop until you do what you say you are doing to do (don’t let “YOU” down). If you need help along the way, find someone who has accomplished what you are looking to accomplish and ask them how they did it. Chances are, if it is related to online marketing and it worked well, you can find them blogging about it.

With regard to taking action, I encourage you to stay plugged in to Fueled Fridays because I will be going into very specific detail on how to implement effectively and get results.

Have a great weekend!

52 Fueled Fridays

Happy New Year! For those that follow my blog, I am sorry that life has been so busy that I was not been able to post constantly in 2009. This is something that I am going to improve this year. Notice, I did not say “something I am going to try to do” because “trying” does not exist. You can do or not do and I am committed to do.

One way to make sure that I post at least weekly, is by starting a weekly blog series. I have decided to call this series “52 Fueled Fridays” with the purpose of providing an online marketing tip for you to employ. For some, implementing the tips will be easier than others and many of these tips will be able to be implemented by anyone who can type on a computer. For many, Friday represents an office day, personal development day, catch up day, or marketing day. It also give you the weekend to work on it if you need to.

I am going to cheat by making this the first post, but I do have a schedule and next week I will kick of the practical stuff by discussing how to have an effective online marketing plan for 2010.

To make sure you are notified of each new post, please subscribe using one of the RSS feeds on the right or the email subscription.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your Fueled Friday!

~ Anthony

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