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Does Anyone Read Print Magazines Anymore?

Years ago (1999), a friend and I were going to start a magazine in a niche that had never been done before (it still hasn’t so I will keep the niche under wraps for now). Anyhow, a friend of my magazine partner suggested that we just do a web based magazine. Looking back, that may have been a great option. Incidentally, the guy that recommended that we take the magazine online eventually became my business partner in my first Search Marketing Firm that I started – funny how things come full circle.

Today, nearly every magazine has an online presence, in fact if they don’t they would be considered behind the times. What I want to know is are people still reading print magazines or has the web taken over? Certainly there are benefits to reading print magazines:

1. You can read them on airplanes.

2. You can easily bring them to appointments.

3. Some people read them in the bathroom (although some also bring their laptops with them – ok… confession time) 🙂

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