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Want Great Results? Hire an Internet Marketing Coach!

Some of the highest paid professionals excel for one reason; they have had good coaches. And it’s not just athletes either. Business coaching is a huge industry and I can attest first hand their worth (if you find the right one). I have a business coach and he has advised me on a specific area of the internal operations of my business. I have finally come around having lost lots of time and actual money doing it “the way I thought I should.”

It’s no different with Internet Marketing. Failure of your business is not an option. You have too much invested and too many people counting on you to succeed. If you want to reach a goal, the fastest way to get there is to talk to someone who has done it already. A coach might be just what you need to point you in the right direction. Sometimes it’s just a few tweaks and sometimes it’s helping you put together a winning long term strategy, but either way each coaching session should leave you with a step in the right direction, and specifically put you closed to connecting with more customers.

We currently have a few openings for coaching clients, so if you are looking for a coach, now might be your opportunity. Visit our website to learn about the Internet Marketing Coaching program and get pricing info, then contact Anthony at 480-338-6744 for more info or to get started.

New Internet Marketing Training Course

Per this press release, my company (AKA Internet Marketing) has just launched a 3 month Intensive Internet Marketing training course designed to help business owners and managers understand the ins & outs of Internet Marketing from A to Z. This course will cover:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Paid Search
– Local Search
– Blogging
– Social Media
– Email Marketing
– Viral Marketing
– Text Message Marketing
– Video Marketing
– Affiliate Marketing
– Mobile Search

Now is the time to develop your online marketing strategy for 2011.
To learn more of enroll, visit:

Even if you outsource, you can reduce those costs by learning what you can do in house. At a cost of $197 you cannot go wrong. The 3 month training includes:

– Lessons via email (with assignments to make sure you get the maximum benefit)
– Semi Monthly Webinars
– A One on One coaching session
– Q&A during the course and for 3 months following
– Access to our wholesale vendors
– Free software an tools

Over $2,000 in value for just $197

There are only 50 spots available in the next course which starts in December, so don’t miss this opportunity. Register by November 19th and you will get a free premium training session at the end of November.

New Program Enhances Internal Internet Marketing Initiatives

I am happy to announce a new service being offered by my company AKA Internet Marketing. It’s called the Virtual Search Engine Marketing Director program and it’s geared towards companies that have a web marketing staff (or people that have been roped into it), but lack the budget to hire a veteran Search Engine Marketing Director.

The goal of the program is to help these companies improve the results they are getting from Internet Marketing by having an outside party take a look at the results and provide strategic direction. In many cases, a company might hire such a person, and then later have to let them go when looking for a higher than average salary to cut. A seasoned search engine marketing director can earn up to $120,000 or more.

To learn more, you can contact AKA Internet Marketing at 602.903.6223.

View our related press release.

Is Your Website an Asset?

Robert Kiyosaki defines an asset as an investment that makes money for you. Using that line of thinking, I challenge you to analyze your website and determine if it is an asset or a liability.

If you own a business and your website represents your business, it is in your best interest to make sure the website is truly an asset. It’s nice to have an online place holder for your business, but who needs another expense?

So what is the key to making your website an asset? Generating revenue! I know, that wasn’t a really tough one. The tough question is “how do you generate revenue?” The answer is threefold. First, you need to generate visitors, next you need to entice these visitors to contact you, then you need to convince those visitors to do business with you.

Generating visitors can best be accomplished by investing in Internet Marketing which includes strategies such as video marketing and social media marketing. Keep in mind that investing does not just mean money. You can also invest time to learn online marketing and social media marketing strategies that you can simply implement, including many that have no out of pocket expense (just your time).

Enticing visitors to do business with you takes place best by offering these visitors something of value (such as access to a video or a downloadable report or ebook) in exchange for their contact information. This will allow you to follow up with them and see if you can solve their business need through a product or service that you offer. A great way to do this is by implementing an automated marketing system such as Infusionsoft which will follow up with your prospects until they are ready to do business with you.

In the end, you will have to get them to spend money with you. Some people offer solutions that “sell themselves” but most people don’t. Keep in mind that if you don’t invest in sales skills, you will end up creating business for your competitors because they will be educated by you as to what they need, then they will do business with the company that helps them realize that they have the solution that the prospect needs.

Stay tuned for my next post on this topic where I discuss how to determine the value of your website.

How to Succeed Online by Giving it All Away – Fueled Friday

Well, it has been a very busy week which is why this weeks Fueled Friday is late. First, I launched a new Internet Marketing Firm this week (more to come on that later), and second, I attend InfusionCon which was AMAZING (more on that later as well).

So what I want to share with you today is the power of educating your prospects. Many people in the consulting field often ask the question “how much information should I give my web prospects?” My answer – Give them everything! This, of course, is within reason, but the bottom line is that if your prospect can figure out how to do what you do, they will. If the information is out there to be found, wouldn’t you rather have them find it from you? This was if they get stuck or have a questions, chances are they will look to you for help as opposed to someone else. Also, most people don’t want to become their own consultant (many have to due to sheer financial constraints), so your job will be to sell them on the benefits of having you do it for them so they can focus on making money in their business.

If you do sell a physical product, you still have an opportunity to educated your customers. Offering white papers, ebooks, and testimonials as to how your product can be used and how it has helped others will go a long way to helping boost sales. For those that don’t buy on the same day they visit, there is a high chance that they will return if they like what they read.

The big in giving it all away, is doing it in exchange for your prospects contact information. At a minimum, you want to collect their first name and email address to be able to send personalized emails. The more you follow up, the higher your chances of selling to them.

Years ago, I used to fear giving away information on how to do your own online marketing for fear that I would lose customers. Instead, because I write and blog on all topics related to online marketing, I have a fairly consistent flow of referral business.

Do you have any success stories to share about a successful follow up email campaign? If so, we’d love to hear. Next week I will be discussing the mechanics of how to set up these information sharing campaigns so stay tuned.

Have a great weekend and enjoy my birthday tomorrow 🙂

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