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Want Great Results? Hire an Internet Marketing Coach!

Some of the highest paid professionals excel for one reason; they have had good coaches. And it’s not just athletes either. Business coaching is a huge industry and I can attest first hand their worth (if you find the right one). I have a business coach and he has advised me on a specific area of the internal operations of my business. I have finally come around having lost lots of time and actual money doing it “the way I thought I should.”

It’s no different with Internet Marketing. Failure of your business is not an option. You have too much invested and too many people counting on you to succeed. If you want to reach a goal, the fastest way to get there is to talk to someone who has done it already. A coach might be just what you need to point you in the right direction. Sometimes it’s just a few tweaks and sometimes it’s helping you put together a winning long term strategy, but either way each coaching session should leave you with a step in the right direction, and specifically put you closed to connecting with more customers.

We currently have a few openings for coaching clients, so if you are looking for a coach, now might be your opportunity. Visit our website to learn about the Internet Marketing Coaching program and get pricing info, then contact Anthony at 480-338-6744 for more info or to get started.

New Internet Marketing Training Course

Per this press release, my company (AKA Internet Marketing) has just launched a 3 month Intensive Internet Marketing training course designed to help business owners and managers understand the ins & outs of Internet Marketing from A to Z. This course will cover:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Paid Search
– Local Search
– Blogging
– Social Media
– Email Marketing
– Viral Marketing
– Text Message Marketing
– Video Marketing
– Affiliate Marketing
– Mobile Search

Now is the time to develop your online marketing strategy for 2011.
To learn more of enroll, visit:

Even if you outsource, you can reduce those costs by learning what you can do in house. At a cost of $197 you cannot go wrong. The 3 month training includes:

– Lessons via email (with assignments to make sure you get the maximum benefit)
– Semi Monthly Webinars
– A One on One coaching session
– Q&A during the course and for 3 months following
– Access to our wholesale vendors
– Free software an tools

Over $2,000 in value for just $197

There are only 50 spots available in the next course which starts in December, so don’t miss this opportunity. Register by November 19th and you will get a free premium training session at the end of November.

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