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Why is SEO so Expensive? (and how to make it more affordable)

Many people complain about the high cost of Search Engine Optimization. It is true that in very competitive fields, it can be very costly to compete, but no one can change that – at least not for now. Paid Search (pay per click) often does not offer to get the job done much more affordably than SEO does and the competition factor also plays a huge role there as well. So what is a business owner to do?

First, I would say become a student of web marketing and search engine optimization. I don’t mean to try and be an expert, but I mean try to see what you can actually do on your own. I speak to people nearly every day that are looking to improve their online rankings and get more customers, and for rmany it is overwhelming because they have not taken the time to learn “something” about SEO. It is no different than if a CEO had no knowledge of finance or the production side of his or her business. It is no longer an optional form of marketing, given that people turn to the web more often than not for solutions.

Second, I would say “do something rather than nothing”. When I prepare a proposal for a client, I always try to walk them through it before sending it so they know what to expect. If I get a reaction over the price, I don’t just say “that’s the price… take it or leave it”, I try to find out how what has been proposed differs from their expectations. More than that, I try to help them understand the value of doing something as opposed to nothing which will make the next phase that much lesss costly, and hopefully they will see some results from the introductory level service. When people have “sticker shock” over a proposal, it still often boils down to a lack of education. I apprecaite when a prospect is up front and just says “we’ve never considered this so we had no idea what the costs were”. At least I know I am dealing with someone who is honest and realistic (as opposed to the insecure executive who thinks he or she needs to appear to know everything).

Last year, I wrote a book for the people that I just decribed. I realized that I had the same conversation with people time and time again and it always boiled down to not having any idea about the basics, and sometimes having mis-information (which is worse). I basically told my story of how I learned all that I learned (before they had classes in this stuff), which lead me to build several successful companies and websites. I spell out the A to Z’s so that not only will a conversation with a web marketing specialist not be confusing, but you will be able to implement many of the services yourself, saving thousands of dollars.

I am now at a point of (finally) getting that book in print – which has been a journey. Depending on the terms of the publishing agreement, I may not be able to offer it as an ebook (which I currently do), so I am making an offer to get it into the hands of those that truly need it. I am making the next 500 copies available for just $5 (it is currently priced at $29). For the first 100 to purchase, I am offering a FREE SEO Website Analysis and consultation (valued at $500), and giving everyone the opportunity to get some free exposure in the print book. For more details or to get your copy of my “tell-all” book, visit:

Recession Proof Your Business for $5

It’s 2009 and although the Internet has been around for some time now, I am amazed that many small business owners still have not embraced it. Yes, there are those that still think they can do business the “very old school” way – without a website. Sadly, it’s not true. Just look around you. Last night as my wife and I walked through the mall, we noticed a multitude of stores that have gone out or are going out of business. Is mall rent expensive? ABSOLUTELY. Is that why these stores are going out of business? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

There are several businesses that are flourishing in these “challenging economic times”. There are many reasons why a business is able to stay solvent why another competing business cannot. Much of this has to do with acquiring customers and keeping them happy. Given that most customers start their search for products and services online, doesn’t it make sense to position your business to get those customers? I have done this for nearly a decade now for both my personal businesses and those of my clients. It has worked well, for the whole 10 years. Does it change? Absolutely. Is keeping up with change worth it? Absolutely.

Many of you know I wrote a book on the topic of Internet Marketing. I recently changed the title, not to reflect Internet Marketing (since so many still don’t fully get what that means), but to reflect what this book can do for you. It is not titled, Recession Proof Your Business. As I work with publishers to put it in print, they may want to even change it again, but it remains the same body of highly relevant information.

Because I feel so passionate that every business owner should read this book, I have dropped the price to a ridiculous $5.00 price tag. You have to pick it up before it goes to the publisher however, because at that point, I will no longer be able to sell it as an ebook.

While I’d love to just give it away, statistics show you are less likely to value it and read it, and that would be costly to you and your business. The techniques in this book have me and my clients thousands of dollars and can do the same for you. Since I am not giving it away, I am setting aside a portion of the proceeds from the book sales to go to support charitable causes – another area that Iam very passionate about. You can get your copy at:

I do hope you see the wisdom in picking up this book for just $5.00 while you can. If you plan on being in business for the long haul, it could be the godsend you’ve been waiting for.

Wishing you the best!

~ Anthony

5 Internet Marketing Strategies You should Employ in 2009

I believe that 2009 is going to be a great year. I am not buying into the media’s message that we are all bound by a recession and need to hold on to our money – nor do I recommend it. The fact is that you need to being doing just the opposite, but you need to know where to spend your business dollars to be most effective.

Here are 5 strategies that I recommend employing in 2009 if you want to be successful in business.

1. Blog. If you don’t have a blog by now, you are pretty far behind the times. It’s the equivalent of not having a website several years ago. If you need to learn how to blog (from A to Z), I recommend getting a copy of my book, The Internet Marketing Guide for Small Business, as I wrote a complete section on setting one up, and also a section on promoting through Social Media.

2. Twitter. When Twitter first came out, I really wasn’t in the mood to add another Social Media tool to my arsenal. In a short time, I realized that I could actually sacrifice other forms of Social Media in favor of Twitter. If you don’t know what Twitter is, or need to learn more about Twitter, then I recommend this list of Twitter related articles.

3. Develop a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategy. Here are your 4 options for SEM:

    a) Do Nothing – A poor choice that gives your competition an edge over you.

    b) Try Something & Fail – I respect those who step out and at least try. That’s how most of us learned, especially in the early days before all of the trainings that are available now. No one was born with SEM knowledge, and due to it’s relative infancy, there are no 2nd generation SEM gurus that were “born into it.”

    c) Learn SEM – Two options that I recommend are buying my book, or taking an online SEM course.

    d) Hire a Professional SEM Firm – SEM does not have to cost you and arm and aleg. Call me at 800-453-9290 if you want to discuss what is best for your firm.

4. Get a professional SEM Analysis. Do you know what you are doing right? Do you know what you are doing wrong? If not, you might benefit from a professional SEM Analysis. For a limited time, I am offering a FREE SEM Analysis to those who request it. Simply email me at and provide your Name, Telephone #, and URL. Please note, this offer is limited to US based websites (sorry).

5. Get Involved in Social Media. This is where it’s at, and literally where the people are that might want your products or services. I recommend using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and then finding a niche Social Media site for your industry.

I sincerely wish you the best for your business in 2009. While this article may seem self-promoting in favor of my book, it is heartfelt. The reason I wrote my book and priced it where I did was in an attempt to make Internet Marketing education affordable to everyone. There are plenty of places you can spend more money and learn a lot less about Internet Marketing. I encourage you to pick up a copy; I guarantee you will be pleased – literally (100% Money Back Guarantee).

Happy New Year!

~ Anthony a.k.a. OldSchool SEO

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