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How I Know That You Have Been Watching Porn Online

Today, I was looking at some statistics for a client and noticed a referring site that I was not familiar with. As a rule, I don’t click on URL’s if I don’t what the site is about… for many reasons. It reminded me of a time when I was looking at the stats for a company and I thought “why are so many sex related websites linking to a company that has nothing to so with the sex industry”; then I recalled how web analytics work.

Web analytics software typically credits the last website that someone visited as the referring site. For example, if someone did a Google search and ended up at your website, Google would be credited with that referral. In the same manner, if the last site you visited was a porn site and then you decided to go to your website, or check your webmail, then the porn site would get credit for referring the visitor.

Women, if you want to check on your husbands, ask if you can check the web analytics to see how the business is doing. I am laughing as I write this, not because pornography is a laughing matter, but because I am sure someone will do it. My wife does marriage counseling by the way.

Oh yeah, and my client… not a porn surfer… at least not on my watch.

Happy Holidays!

Search Marketing Acrobatics

I had an IM conversation today and the phrase “Stumbling and Sphinning” was used. After reading what I had wrote, I thought to myself, if anyone else read that I was Stumbling and Sphinning they would think I had joined the circus.

So yes, “Search Marketing Acrobatics” it is and in the words of Elton John “I want you to be my acrobat” (and I’ll be yours too).

Just a little something to brighten your day.

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