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Are You Ready for Your Google Glasses?

We all know that Google has developed – and continues to develop – some amazing technology. From the little I know, Google Glass is another epic developments. I an not just kissing up to Google, so they send me a free sample, but I really look forward to getting my hands on a pair. Not so much that I will pay $1,500 for them however, and that – along with a winning essay on how you will use them – is currently what is required to be selected to get access.

If you happen to get selected and want to come back a guest post about it, I welcome that. For now, I will leave you with Sergey Brin’s New York Times article explaining Google Glass.

Will Google’s Most Recent Patent Impact Your SEO Efforts?

If you are a spammer it does! As highlighted by SEO Industry Expert Bill Slawski on his blog SEO by the Sea, Google has been granted another patent recently. Someone emailed me to ask how this would impact ones “white hat” SEO efforts. For those who do not know, “white hat” is a term given to those who practice search engine optimization according to the letter or the law based on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines (yes, Google actually tells you how to rank well in their search engine!)

While the intent of this search engine technology is to weed out spam (or those who abuse the guidelines), no technology – not even Google’s – is fail proof. This means that even if you are not in violation of the rules, you could suffer a ranking penalty; at least that is the concern among some Internet Marketing professionals.

My advice:

1. Stick to the basics. This includes adhering to Google’s guidelines.

2. Don’t rush it. SEO is not a sprint, it is a journey. It’s those tactics that seek to get quick results that often get people in trouble.

3. Know how much social media engagement impacts SEO. For one, keep in mind that Google now has a social network (Google Plus) and it has a big impact on how sites are ranking in Google.

Keep in mind that in addition to SEO there are dozen of ways to generate business, both online and offline, so make sure you are engaging a holistic marketing campaign so that your business does ont rely exclusively (or predominantly) on one specific marketing tactic.

Taming the Google Zoo

Have you heard about Google’s most recent algorithm update? It’s called Penguin and the last one was called Panda. The purpose of these algorithm updates is to enforce Google’s webmaster guidelines. In case you were unaware, Google pretty much tells you what they want to see in a website in order to get good rankings. Often times people push the envelope, and frankly go over the edge with their “optimization” and so Google has to make an adjustment to “slap” those sites and reduce the rankings they have artificially obtained.

Someone recently asked me what my team and I were doing about the latest Penguin update and my answer was “nothing.” By this, I meant I was not going to do anything different than I have been doing because we don’t push the envelope with Google. We know that slow and steady wins the race. It’s often difficult to explain this to prospective customers, but these kind of events help. When people see that those who try to “speed up” the SEO process often lose in the end.

Getting good online rankings comes down to a few things:

1. Having the right keywords in the right places on your website. Specifically the title tags and the content. Meta tags don’t matter and if someone tries to tell you they do, save your money. Also, write your content for people, not search engines. Write something compelling; something you would want to read.

2. Getting the right kinds of links to your website. These include
– Trusted directories (paid directories, industry directories, and associations are good places to start.)
– Press mentions such as press releases and being quoted by the media.
– Links from industry sites such as any articles or white papers you publish on trusted sites.
– Links from blogs which can be obtained by writing a guest blog post.

This is a start and the other key is to not over use anchor text. Just do what is natural when it comes to links. Most people would link your business name or just post your URL, so those should be what Google mostly sees.

3. Local citations. Make sure you claim your local listings such as Google and Bing even if you serve a national or international audience. Why? Because it’s what is expected and because national includes local.

4. Social Media Mentions. Social media matters and another evidence of this is that the new version of Google Analytics tracks social media mentions. Additionally, if you aren’t yet on Google Plus, you need to be because Google announced earlier this year that it would be a ranking factor.

5. Video Marketing. I launched a video marketing challenge a few months back and the reason is that video has an impact on your rankings in several ways. The most obvious of which is the fact that your videos (if titled well) can come up in the search results.

The bottom line is that you’ve got to play by the rules and be patient to reap the rewards of good rankings on Google. If you need professional assistance, please contact me and I would be happy to discuss how I can help you.

Did Google+ Lead to a Compromise of my Gmail?

I don’t know if it did or not, but what I do know is that I am no longer a fan. I have used Gmail happily for 4+ years and until recently never had a problem. I used secure passwords, virus protection, and all that other good stuff, but this morning I was awakened by a “way too early” phone call. You know, the kind that make you wondered who just got sick or died? Well, thankfully no one was died, but my email was sick. It had been compromised by some @#$%$! who has no life.

So here is my question (since the support number is glaringly missing from your website.) Is Google Plus secure? I am tending to think NOT.

I am fully convinced that I have no interest in gathering yet another database just to have it compromised. I actually deleted my Google Plus account immediately because I know that is the only place in my Google network that people can randomly add me whether I know them or not.

And for the fool who instigated this, I really to pray for your soul. It’s clear you are headed to a bad place. And karma is real, so you’ve got lots of trouble coming your way. It’s not from me, but from the karma police. You really can’t escape it.

P.S. Google, I have been a faithful patron for many years, spent thousand of dollars in your Ad Network, and managed hundreds of thousands of dollars (directly of indirectly) so it would be great if you’d have someone contact me. I know you know how to find me.

Google Follows Facebook with +1 Button

Seeming to follow in the footsteps of Facebook’s “liking” of a status or a Facebook business page, Google is implementing a “+1” button where users can “vote up” a search result that they like. According to their “learn about +1” video, they will allow for integration of +1 into websites in a similar fashion as we now see Facebook like buttons. The program is currently being rolled out slowly, but you can sign up for it at if you want to check it out. Below is a screen shot of a blog post that I gave the “+1” to and I have encircled both the indication that it has been “voted up” (or 1 up’d) as well as the +1 button.

Now, when I look at my Google profile, I see this listed under the tab labeled “+1’s” (you can click the image below to enlarge it.)

Given that social media activity such as tweets and (Facebook) likes are having an impact on organic search engine optimization, I am sure this will play into rankings as well. Stay tuned!

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