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How to Effectively Comment on Blogs – Fueled Friday

This may seem like a very basic topic, yet it is one that many people fail at and I have a personal frustration in dealing with it, so I wanted to take the time to share some etiquette on how to comment on blogs.

People comment on blogs for many reasons; for some it is to join a conversation (probably the best reason), for others it is to be heard, and for others it is simply a a matter of getting links from a quality blog. I have no problem with using blog comments to get links, in fact, I wrote a blog post of how to generate links by commenting on blogs.

When commenting on blogs, you want to actually dialogue with the blogger or another commenter. You don’t want to make a comment such as “thanks for the info” because that does not add any value and it makes it seem like you are just trying to scam a link (and you probably are). Even worse is when you use a keyword for your name. If your mother named you “business solutions in India” I simply feel sorry for you. I cannot tell you how many of these posts I get every single say where someone is trying to get “keyword value” from their blog comment. For the record, my spam filter is set pretty high, and the others that have to be manually administered are flagged as spam. I actually spelled out some guidelines to commenting on this blog, but perhaps people don’t read them, which is understandable.

Please know that posting a non-helpful post of one that is totally unrelated to the blog post is simply not acceptable and most bloggers with delete your comment or mark it as spam.

For those that spam, it is a huge missed opportunity because commenting is an opportunity to gather new followers that click through to your link. It is also an opportunity to show your expertise; trust me people take note.

If you have not ever commented on another blog, I encourage you to do a search for blogs related to your industry and go out and join a conversation. If it’s your first time, please feel free to come back and share your experiences.

Most of all, have a great weekend!

Resisting the Urge to Create Anchor Links in Blog Comments

Early on it seemed that many people who commented on blogs, wouldn’t use their name, but would rather use descriptive terms that describe their business. The goal here is to create keyword rich anchor text in an attempt to boost one’s search engine rankings. I am sure that I was guilty of this early on, but I have to say it just doesn’t sit well with me.

Although I use a spam filter, I get no fewer than 30 of these per day that slip through the filter and are waiting for me to approve or disapprove. I always disapprove, and most of all, I disapprove them and flag them as spam which (hopefully) helps to get them added to the “blacklisted” database in my spam filter.

commenting on a blog is about dialogue and creating community, not blatant self promotion. Trust me, I do occasionally get the urge to use a keyword or phrase for the name, especially when promoting a new site that I am trying to drive relevant to. And at this point, I need to point out that this would be a personal project, and never something I would do for a client site. This should also be an indicator that it falls in the “grey” area in terms of what is considered acceptable practice by me – and Google would probably push it more towards the unacceptable.

So what is the take away? Commenting on blogs is a great way to build community, get exposure, and build trusted backlinks, but I strongly urge you to resist the temptation to do this.

“Slow and steady wins the race” ~ from Google’s Webmaster guidelines – paraphrased by me 🙂

Do You Have These Blogging Frustrations

Have you ever written a blog post and tried to publish it, only to have it erased? Well, it seems to be happening to my wife who is now starting to blog. If any of you read my 2008 New Years Blogging goals, one of them (#12) was to get my wife blogging – yay! So anyhow, this is now the second time she has emailed me with this problem (here is her email from today)

I don’t understand what the HECK is wrong with my blog. I just wrote another post (LONG) and hit save and preview and it is gone. i copied it just in case and now, that is gone…..


Ok, first let me say, my wife is awesome. She’s one of the best people I know and not just because she puts up with me and keeps me in line, but I am blessed to have a woman as awesome as she is. Second, now she can’t be mad at me for posting her email after saying such great things about her (all true).

This happened to me as well in my early blogging days and I used to get frustrated, but now here is what I do.

First, I write my blog posts in notepad and save them.

Second, I copy them to Microsoft Word to use the Spelling and Grammar checker.

THEN, I copy it back to Notepad to get rid of the “Microsoft code” that will appear if you don’t do this. Notepad strips the extra code and allows you to paste pure text into your blogging software.

Happy Blogging!

To Guest Blog or not to Guest Blog, That is the Question

Every once in a while I am tempted to guest blog to reach a new audience. Lately, I have resisted the urge because I have committed to grow my site and with my limited time, I prefer to focus on developing content for me and not someone else.
So when does it make sense to guest blog?

1. When just getting started. If you don’t yet have a following, sometimes, you can woo readers to your blog by writing an article for another related site.

2. When you are a full time blogger. If you already have a successful blog, you can often find paid blogging gigs which will serve two purposes; increased exposure and increased revenue.

3. When you have lots of free time. I don’t know what that is, but it is a phenomenon that I understand occurs in people’s lives. It is also my understanding that if you have lots of it, you can not only spend time developing content on your blog, but take additional time to write articles for other blogs. NOTE: If you happen to be one of these people, feel free to contact me if you’ve got something to say to the OldSchoolSEO audience.

Of course there are also reasons to not guest blog:

1. Your best work will build someone else’s brand. If you’ve never had that killer article that skyrockets your stats, I assure you it will come provided you keep on writing. The challenge is that if you are writing elsewhere and that super blog post comes around, you will be building traffic and subscribers to a blog other than your own. Sure, it will give you additional exposure, but it won’t be exclusive to you.

2. If you have limited time. I know I said that in a reverse manner above, but some people read forwards and some people read backwards. I not only encourage you invest the little time you have on your own blog, but to dig deep and find the time to post additional articles.

If you are looking for ideas for blog content, here is a great article that was written by Simon Heseltine which should help point you in the “write” direction.

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