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Do You Have These Blogging Frustrations

Have you ever written a blog post and tried to publish it, only to have it erased? Well, it seems to be happening to my wife who is now starting to blog. If any of you read my 2008 New Years Blogging goals, one of them (#12) was to get my wife blogging – yay! So anyhow, this is now the second time she has emailed me with this problem (here is her email from today)

I don’t understand what the HECK is wrong with my blog. I just wrote another post (LONG) and hit save and preview and it is gone. i copied it just in case and now, that is gone…..


Ok, first let me say, my wife is awesome. She’s one of the best people I know and not just because she puts up with me and keeps me in line, but I am blessed to have a woman as awesome as she is. Second, now she can’t be mad at me for posting her email after saying such great things about her (all true).

This happened to me as well in my early blogging days and I used to get frustrated, but now here is what I do.

First, I write my blog posts in notepad and save them.

Second, I copy them to Microsoft Word to use the Spelling and Grammar checker.

THEN, I copy it back to Notepad to get rid of the “Microsoft code” that will appear if you don’t do this. Notepad strips the extra code and allows you to paste pure text into your blogging software.

Happy Blogging!

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