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Fueled Friday – Using Multiple Online Marketing Strategies

Today, I want to discuss the various types on online marketing strategies that you can use as an intro to the upcoming blog posts on the mechanics of each.

For many, the term online marketing brings to mind a host of different thoughts. Some immediately think of search engine optimization, others may think of paid search, and yet others may think of email marketing, blogging, or social media strategies. The fact remains, that they are all components of online marketing, and frankly should all be employed at some level. Some strategies will come more naturally to you, and others will seem to give you better results. Over the next several posts, I will cover each, but today, I will leave you with a simple list of online marketing strategies to consider. To get a head start on this series of posts, I recommend doing a search on this blog to see what you can find on the topic as well as a Google search to learn more about whichever segment of online marketing you are seeking to learn more about.

Here is my list of the various online marketing strategies that you can employ. If you feel something is missing, let me know my leaving a comment below:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This involves architecting your website to obtain natural rankings in the search engines. It is the most effective form of online marketing, and takes the most time to see results.

Paid Search / Pay Per Click (PPC) Search: This involves paying for each visitor that comes to your website. The upside is that you will see results immediately; the down side is that you can lose lots of money if you do this wrong.

– Blogging: You will learn several reasons why blogging is a highly effective form on online marketing. It is one of my favorite and I cannot wait to share more on this. You can also implement blogging without spending a penny, which make it a great option for those with limited budgets.

Email Marketing: There are two aspect of email marketing that I will share. The first is the most effective and involves emailing your clients and prospect. The second and less recommended form of email marketing it purchasing email lists (NOT spam lists) and marketing to cold prospects.

Viral Marketing: This is a form of marketing where you share valuable information for free (from your website) and allow others to share it for free. It is a great way to get the word out about your product, service, or business.

Social Media Marketing: Everyone is talking about Social Media these days, and it’s a great way to build a following for your brand and reach lots of prospects in a short period of time. Sadly, most don’t really understand how to implement it effectively.

Text / Mobile Marketing: As the name implies, this is a method of reaching people via cell phones and smart devices. It is a growing field that you should not ignore.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a powerful way to empower others to send you business. Of course, you will pay them for their successful referrals, but it essentially puts a commissioned sales force to work for you.

Online Press / Media Relations: This is an area that many businesses neglect and it can produce amazing results.

Online Advertising: This is closely related to PPC, yet it deserves its own category. I would recommend this only as a last resort or a supplement to a multi-channel online marketing program.

Local Search Marketing: Reaching your local audience is critical if you are a local business, but even if you are a national business you don’t want to neglect customers in your own backyard.

Well, I am sure that gives you lots to consider. Please take the time to do some research on any of these that are not familiar with you. This way, when we reach this part in the series, it won’t be totally new to you and you will be able to ask some great questions to help you implement or optimize a specific strategy.

I am off to Louisville, KY today where I hear it will be cold, so keep sending me warm thoughts. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Clickbank Now Offers Weekly Payments for Affiliate Marketers & Publishers

Do you sell digital products or monetize your websites through affiliate sales? If so, you can now get paid faster through Clickbank! I have to say that while no platform is perfect, Clickbank has consistently tried to make their publishers happy by meeting them on their terms. First, they added a subscription payment option, then a direct deposit option – which reduced time to receive checks and took the admin work out of depositing check, and today they have announced that they are offering a weekly payment option. I logged in and updated one of my accounts just to make sure it was live – and it is.

If you are looking for a payment processor that you can count on to handle all of your payments (and returns) internationally, I recommend checking out Clickbank.

Affiliate Marketing through Clickbank Just Got Easier

If you sell affiliate products through Clickbank you can now elect to get paid by direct deposit. No more waiting for check and going to the bank to deposit them. I was going to write on this a bit ago when it came back, but today I logged in my business bank account and saw three direct deposits. I figured it was some soft of affiliate marketing revenue, but I just didn’t recall who keynetics was (it’s the parent company for Clickbank). That is one of the greatest parts of making affiliate marketing a part of your Internet Marketing Strategy – you often get checks and don’t know where they came from. A week or so I got a check from a company that didn’t look familiar, but it turns out it was a paper check from a company that I had signed up with several years ago, and put up a simple web site and just left it alone. I never really promoted it, but I did redirect a domain that was in DMOZ to it, so perhaps it will send me checks every month.

If you have incorporated affiliate marketing info your business model, I strongly urge you to. If you don’t know where to start, I encourage you to pick up a copy of The Super Affiliate Handbook, by Rosalind Gardner. It is one of the best books written on the topic of affiliate marketing – if not the best.

If you are an affiliate marketer or have an affiliate program that isn’t , but you are not having the success you want, stay tuned for my upcoming post ony why affiliate marketing doesn’t work for most people. Also, you can pick up a free copy of my ebbok, What The Affiliate Marketing Gurus Don’t Tell You.

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