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Take The Video Marketing Challenge

As we approached the end of 2011 I must have sounded like a broken record. I kept asking people what they were doing as far as video marketing was concerned for 2012 because it has been estimated that over 50% of Internet traffic will be video by December 2012.

I am not sure if you have a plan yet or not, but I want to issue a challenge to you. I want to challenge you to create and post a new video every week online. I recommend using either YouTube or Vimeo, both are free and great platforms. The Video Marketing Challenge is intended to motivate you and give you sense of accountability to do your video marketing. There is not big prize (yet… I might find a sponsor), but there are some rewards and here they are:

1. A larger online footprint. If you follow through with the weekly challenge, you will have 52 new videos online that can be found in online searches and lead back to you.

2. More business. Having more exposure usually results in more business. Most businesses need this, and chances are yours does too.

3. It will motivate you to lose weight 🙂 I can only say that because I am talking to myself. And if the reason you don’t get started is because you aren’t happy with how you look, I have some news for you. People already know what you look like 🙂 Don’t let something so shallow hold you back from success!

3. A sense of accomplishment. If you haven’t done it, doing it will give you the satisfaction of getting it behind you. Who knows, you may love it!

Getting Started
If you have a smartphone (such as a Droid or iPhone) you have no excuse. Also, if you have a fairly new laptop, most of them have video cameras built in. If you don’t have either, you can still shoot video with most cell phones, or you can get a cheap computer video camera.

Many people say they don’t know what to say on video and the simplest way to come up with video content is to think of the questions that people ask you throughout the day. As you answer these questions, you will be positioning yourself as the expert in your field and it will lead to new business opportunities.

If you are going to take the challenge, please post your first video in the comment area below. And with that, here is my first video. It’s intentionally not perfect… don’t worry about perfection, just focus on getting something online!

Wishing you the success you deserve!

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