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Is That a Video Production Studio in Your Pocket?

Today at my Toastmasters group, I gave a speech on “How to Market Your Business on a Limited Budget.” I did this for a few reasons. The first is that I speak with lots of business owners on a weekly basis, and some of the folks that run smaller business or are sole proprietors, often have little to no marketing budget. The second reason is that most of the people in my Toastmasters group run a business or have a job where they need to generate leads.

I discussed several marketing strategies that one can implement for just an investment of time. Towards the end of my speech, I held up my iPhone and asked “does anyone know what this is?” Next, the answer came to me, and I said “it’s a portable video production studio” as if it were rehearsed (I was planning on saying smart phone.)

I went on to share how no one with a smart phone has a valid excuse for not doing video marketing. I shared a story about how last week during a training, I pulled my phone out of my pocket, shot a quick video of someone from the audience and uploaded it to YouTube, all within 5 minutes and only using my iPhone.

I have said before that to me smart phones aren’t really phones anymore. They are computers with a phone application. As a business owner, one of the best uses for your smart phone is shooting quick on the fly videos that you can use in many segments of your marketing. You can use them in blog posts, you can create educational videos, and best of all, you can capture customer testimonials on the spot.

So, do you have a smart phone? If so, are you using it to market yourself and your business? If not, why not?

I encourage you to implement video marketing into your business as soon as possible. If you need some coaching along the way, feel free to contact me.

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4 Responses to “Is That a Video Production Studio in Your Pocket?”

  • The rise of digital video technology (and digital audio technology) has been amazing over the last decade. It’s changing everything — and imagine the leaps and bounds (and affordability) that we’ll see in the next decade.

    It’s within everyone’s grasp now to basically produce their own radio shows and video clips!


  • […] 5. YouTube. It has been estimated that over 50% of Internet traffic will be video by the end of 2012. I didn’t say it, CISCO did. There is lots of opportunity to build your online footprint with video and video sharing happens often more rapidly than content sharing if the video is really hot. Here is a tip; if you have a smartphone, use it. It’s what I refer to as a pocket video production studio. […]

  • Kate Blackburn:

    What was the purpose behind shooting the audience member and posting it on YouTube? And where can we find a link to your YouTube channel to access this video? Thanks!

  • @ Katie – I guess I did not make it clear so thanks for asking. My point was to show the audience how easy it is to shoot and upload a video. I usually erase them afterwards so people don’t think I have a bunch of junk on my YouTube channel.

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