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Google Follows Facebook with +1 Button

Seeming to follow in the footsteps of Facebook’s “liking” of a status or a Facebook business page, Google is implementing a “+1” button where users can “vote up” a search result that they like. According to their “learn about +1” video, they will allow for integration of +1 into websites in a similar fashion as we now see Facebook like buttons. The program is currently being rolled out slowly, but you can sign up for it at if you want to check it out. Below is a screen shot of a blog post that I gave the “+1” to and I have encircled both the indication that it has been “voted up” (or 1 up’d) as well as the +1 button.

Now, when I look at my Google profile, I see this listed under the tab labeled “+1’s” (you can click the image below to enlarge it.)

Given that social media activity such as tweets and (Facebook) likes are having an impact on organic search engine optimization, I am sure this will play into rankings as well. Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “Google Follows Facebook with +1 Button”

  • The more I read about this the less I think I like it. I feel like the algorithms Google provides keep things objective in a way. If you search for something you’re supplied with results that are, for the most part, objective and not based on the preferences of other people. I think this kind of system almost puts my searches at the mercy of other people…Not only that, but if Google thinks that have issues with spam now…if this plays a significant role in SERPs results I think they’ll find themselves with a lot of fraudulent “+1″s to deal with.

  • i don’t like this feature either. for the sites i like i already have bookmarking. why do i need more? it seems like they want to invent smth new but don’t know why they need it…

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