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5 Ways to Help Google Find Your Blog Posts

If you are a blogger, you certainly want to make sure that your content gets found by Google, Bing and the other search engines to maximize your online exposure. Below are 5 tips to help increase your exposure on Google.

Keyword Research
One of the most critical steps you can take to help improve the search engine rankings of your blog posts is to engage in a little bit of keyword research prior to posting. You can use a free tool such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and find out what people are searching for related to your blog post. Next, you want to use those keywords in the title of the blog post, and ideally closer to the front of the post. For example, if I wanted to leverage the popular phrase “blogging tips”, I would have made the title, “Blogging Tips – How to Help Google Find Your Blog Posts.” You have to balance SEO value with what reads well obviously. Given the volume of blogging tips on my blog, it would not make sense to start every post with “blogging tips.”

Using Ping Services
If you use WordPress, I would make sure that you have more than just the one ping service listed under the “Writing” settings. I am sure other blog platforms have this option, but I am pretty much a WordPress guy. Here is a list of recommended ping services:

Blog Often
The more content you put out, the more opportunities you will have to be found through those keyword rich titles. Eventually, you will start to see your blog come up in searches under the keywords in the post titles. Your web stats (analytics) will show you the keywords that people are using to find you.

I recommend setting a schedule and sticking to it (unlike I do). At a minimum, you should shoot to post at least once a week.

Promote on Social Networks
Social networks are a great way to promote blog content. For starters, I would add your blog feed to your LinkedIn profile. If you use Facebook, then I would post your articles to your profile and your business page, and if you are on Twitter, I would not only Tweet, but use related hashtags for maximum impact.

Using Tags Effectively
Tags are a great way to capitalize on popular keywords and themes by linking your posts to them. For example, I have tagged this post with the following keywords; blogging, blog SEO and blogging tips, which are popular keywords that I would like to connect with. You can see them referenced in the footer of the post. WordPress makes adding tags simple as does Blogger, and I would imaging other blog platforms do as well. Just don’t overdo it and make sure the keywords are related to the blog post. Often a tag will get listed in a search engine from a blog and rank well for the related keyword which gives you additional opportunities for search engine exposure.

This is certainly not conclusive, but a good top 5 list. Feel free to post any tips below in the comments.

Happy blogging!

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10 Responses to “5 Ways to Help Google Find Your Blog Posts”

  • Kyle:

    I’ve never read about ping services helping with indexing / search engines finding your page. Maybe I’m a little detached from the SEO world at this point though! Do you really recommend using as many as 55 pinging services for one blog? If not what is the recommended number for the average blog?

  • Kyle – Like most things in the SEO world, there are two schools of thought. One says that having too many ping sites could get you banned due to excessive pinging. It would depend on how often you post and edit of course.

    Another school of thought says “more is better” as long as there are not duplicated. Pingomatic has long been a standard ping service and pings other services, so if you have pingomatic listed as well as another service it pings, I guess there is a potential for problems. I actually edited my list so that is is not only pingomatic, but a few others that I feel are valuable. I have never had any problem with my former list however and first posted that list in 2007. T

    hanks for stopping by and posting.


  • Ping service is rally useful it looks like in your post. Thanks for suggestions.

  • Hi, Anthony: let try this again:)

    I took a look at your tag pages and looks like you are displaying full posts, which causes duplicate content issue.


  • Thanks for sharing the step-by-step ways of getting our blogs indexed by Google. Promoting the blogs through social media network is my weakest link. So I will follow your suggestions to boost the traffic to my blog.

  • those are legit tips, thanks. I think when you have a lot of blog posts indexed and you post often, google will index them in a nutshell!

  • @ Sanny – Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

    @ Brian – Let me know how it goes.

    @ Fazal – Agreed, the more you post, the more keyword rich content you serve Google, and they will reward you for that.

  • Yes very good suggestions. I use a number of pinging services and I got to say I notice a difference.

  • @ Ana – For some reason Akismet does not like your email or IP as I found your comment in spam 🙁

    RE: Tags, I have the tags and categories folders blocked by the robots.txt file, so there should not be a problem.

  • even if you follow all of these steps you may fail if (this is what i got to know recently, and would like everyone to know this):
    – you have redirect from for example to, and haven’t set up nofollow on one of them. google will consider that to be a duplicate, and you’ll lose your SERPs!

    one more thing to do if you want google to index your pages faster – set up a google site map on your blog.

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