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How to Leverage Current Events to Promote Your Brand

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for blog content? One thing to keep in mind is that Google gives preference to content related to current events. All you need to do is ask yourself what is going on in the news or what holidays are coming up and then write a blog post about the event or holiday.

There are two approaches to making this work. The first method is to tie it in to your business by either adding a marketing message or showing that your company offers a solution to a problem being mentioned in the news. The second method is to simply put out the related content for brand exposure. Like every other marketing strategy, I recommend testing to see what works best for you.

After you have written your blog post, you will want to share it across your social media networks as this will help to “give it some legs.” A great one to use in this case is Twitter because you will also be able to leverage #hashtags which are basically keywords used to search on Twitter. Twitter monitors the top #hashtags which is an indication of what people are sharing or searching about. Tying your blog post into a #hashtag will help increase exposure to your blog post by leverage the event or holiday related activity on Twitter.

Last week I heard some interesting statistics about the Super Bowl and I decided to do a Super Bowl blog post on Sunday. I went the route of branding and made no mention of my company or what I did. It was a success; and is now the most visited blog post of the year. The real proof that Google listens came from viewing my analytics to see where the visitors came from. Most of the visits on Super Bowl Sunday and the two days following came through Google search (as indicated by Super Bowl search queries) and not just from the social media networks I submitted it to.

The moral of the story is that Google listens when you know how to speak their language.

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3 Responses to “How to Leverage Current Events to Promote Your Brand”

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  • Great advice. I think in the hubbub of the day to day office grind people often lose focus of those events that mark time for everyone outside of their office. I, for one, am definitely guilty of this. It definitely pays to take a step back and think about the events that are marking time for your customers and offer them fresh content that they can relate to today. And it’s good to hear that Google believes this too!

    Hash tags are new to me as well. Do they actually work significantly better than just listing keywords or phrases in a tweet? I know that our social media manager can bring up any Twitter mention of our brand just using a program called hootsuite.

  • @ Finally – The hashtag is the “protocol” by which the keywords are added to tweets. You simply add the “#” sing in front of the keyword and that is how it comes up in the searches on Twitter or any client such as HootSuite.

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