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Were You Affected by Google’s Most Recent Changes?

If you had not noticed, Google has changed how they display the local search listings. Formerly, the listings were displayed at the top of the page with a map and the listings to the right of it (as displayed below):


With the most recent change, the map image is listed in the right column of the page and the actual listings from the top 7 or top 10 local businesses in the map, now occupy the main section of the search results page.

What does this mean for business owners? Well, first, some have reported changes in how their business is listed. Perhaps there was an algorithm shuffle, so some business have seemed to have fallen from the coveted map based search results, and others may now have better positioning.

Secondly, it may mean that business owners want to pay more attention to Google AdWords. I imagine some will speculate that Google did this for the sole purpose of boosting AdWords revenue. I am not sure, but I do know that I preferred the old format.

Let me know your thoughts on the changes, and of course if you need help getting found on the new platform let me know.

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4 Responses to “Were You Affected by Google’s Most Recent Changes?”

  • Interesting changes…It’s great if your business was doing well in Map listings, it’s terrible if it wasn’t. I’ve found it’s quite hard for new businesses to break through onto 1st page of map listings.

  • I used to own an insurance agency and I constantly checked my status. I just checked up on it after reading your article and the local business listings still looks the same to me. Is it possible they were testing something out in your city or state?

  • Thankfully we weren’t affected to negatively. This is just a reminder that you have to stay up to date and be fluid in the search process.

  • @ Nate – Two keys to getting listed are getting lots of reviews from multiple online sites and having a complete profile. There is speculation that spending some money with AdWords helps, but I do believe you can still also pay for a tag at the cost of $25 per month. In competitive fields it certainly can be a challenge.

    @ Josh – No, this is not just a local thing. It has changed in all markets.

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