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DISCLAIMER: The FTC requires me to let you know that I may be compensated for products or services recommended. In many cases I am recommending my own company's services, so it's kind of funny to have to spell this out, but I do get paid by some of the companies whose ads are on the site. I ONLY list ads for companies that I use and fully endorse.

Local Search Marketing Promotion for My Anniversary

Today is my 4 year wedding anniversary, so I decided to share the love and offer a ROCK BOTTOM local search engine marketing special help make sure more and more small businesses have an anniversary. You see, businesses are kind of like marriages; they take hard work and you have to invest in them. Many don’t realize this in either case until it’s too late.

My company (AKA Internet Marketing) offers an introductory local search program for companies that need to get started in the online marketing process. It is certainly not an end all program, but our clients have seen great results, and some in as soon as a few weeks.

In short, the program helps a business to leverage local map based search results (on Google Yahoo and BING), organic search results (to a smaller extent) as well as local and mobile search sites. This is where a major of your local clients are searching. Here is a product brochure with all of the details:

Small businesses have welcomed the program because it is VERY affordable. We charge a $495 setup fee and just $45 per month for ongoing maintenance. It comes out to about $2.84 per day. Would you pay $2.84 per day to generate new leads and prospects to your business?

Well here is the good news… in celebration of my wedding anniversary, I am going to give everyone a $200 coupon. This means, the setup fee will be just $295! You will be hard pressed to find another program priced similarly (that actually works). Oh yeah, and it even will come with a money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy and want your money back, we can do that. We only want happy customers 🙂

Ready to take your market? Contact me and we will make it happen. Oh yeah, this won’t last forever. I will likely end it by next Tuesday so I can get my end of month paperwork done.

If you are a business owner with a website that is not getting targeted prospects, you need to have a heart to heart with yourself and figure out what you are going to do for income. I am just being real.. and that’s what my wife would make me do if that was my situation.

Wishing you a prosperous business!

P.S. – You can send this to anyone you’d like.

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