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Pay Per Click Search is Harder Than it Seems

Today while I was doing a search to check the rankings of a client, an AdWords ad caught my attention. The reason it did was because it was not related to the business I was searching for, so it made me realize that whoever was running that campaign did not know how to set up their campaign (let’s hope it’s not someone charging to manage a Paid Search account – but that does happen).

Not wanting to spend their money, I typed the link into a new browser window and to my shock, their English ad lead to a site that was written in French (yet another failure).

This confirmed why people have a belief that some forms of online marketing do not work. If this person was targeting terms related to something not even remotely related to their business and doing so with a website in the wrong language, the chance of them doing business through paid search is simply nowhere in site.

Paid search is a marketing strategy that needs to be understood on many levels. There are many ways to target your paid search campaign such as:

– Location
– Language
– Related keywords
– Time of day ads are shown
– Where your ads are shown (mobile devices, Google partner sites, etc.)

These are kind of the basics but doesn’t even take into account the strategies for setting your bids which can rack up some serious charges if not appropriately managed in conjunction with the right targeting.

If you are serious about making your website profitable, contact me to see how my team and I can help you.

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4 Responses to “Pay Per Click Search is Harder Than it Seems”

  • I see epic fails on a regular basis, not least of them being big spenders like eBay using dynamic keyword insertion to appaling results

  • @ Aidan – I have seen this in the past with ebay and they seem to have gotten a bit better. In the past, I think they were willing to pay for a click generated on a search for my name (or anyone’s for that matter). Thanks for stopping by.

  • I have had a horrendous time of it with PPC. I chalk it up to either my not getting it, or there being a lot of traffic that doesn’t convert that you get charged for.

  • @ Ted – I hear you. There are several aspects to optimizing a PPC campaign, including:

    1. Determining the percentage of ads are converting to click throughs.

    2. Ensuring that quality scores are high enough to keep costs down (better quality landing pages = lower costs per click).

    3. Determining what level of click throughs are converting to contacts. Most of all, if they are not, knowing how to correct this.

    I am happy to help if you’d like. We have a very affordable entry level PPC program for local businesses.

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