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DISCLAIMER: The FTC requires me to let you know that I may be compensated for products or services recommended. In many cases I am recommending my own company's services, so it's kind of funny to have to spell this out, but I do get paid by some of the companies whose ads are on the site. I ONLY list ads for companies that I use and fully endorse.

My Review of SEO LinkVine and Why it is Going Away

Most of you have probably not heard of a software product called SEO LinkVine. It is essentially a link building system that leverages blogs by allowing you to post articles (with strategic links to your website) to a network where bloggers can then place those articles on your website. It is a win for the blogger because it helps them get content. It is a win for the online marketer because they get inbound links with the exact keyword targets that they desire.

I never promote any tool or system that I have not personally used, so I recently started using SEO LinkVine to see how it worked on the inside. I was actually one of the first 25 people to register for the product (I know this because I got a complete online marketing video library as a bonus for being one of the first to register for it). I began doing some testing with both personal sites and client sites to see what kinds of links it would get and I did find that I was getting some decent growth to these sites. I decided that I wanted to see how the other side worked (getting content), so I added a few blogs that I manage and started to get requests for content. As with most things, nothing is perfect in that the content quality was all over the place. The good news is that you can accept or reject content as you wish, so you never would end up with content on your blog that you did not approve of.

There have been lots of affiliates (such as myself) promoting SEO LinkVine over the past few weeks and as a result they actually have almost reached capacity. I received an email from the company today letting me know that they are actually not allowing any new (link building) members to join after this Friday due to the overwhelming response since their launch just a few weeks ago. They are near full capacity for link building members, but they will still allow those who want to join to receive content for their blogs.

If you are looking for a way to build links to your site, I highly recommend that you check it out SEO LinkVine today before it’s too late. It is a monthly membership ($47 per month), but you can leave at any time. Even after you leave, your links will stay active so even if you just join for a few months, it might be beneficial to your link building campaign.

P.S. As an extra bonus for those who purchase using the links above, I will send you a copy of my book, The Internet Marketing Guide for Small Business.

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2 Responses to “My Review of SEO LinkVine and Why it is Going Away”

  • What would you say are some of the flaws or risks to using this product? (after trying it out)

  • Michael, a “flaw” would be that if you are using it to get content the articles are not that impressive to me so you have to sift through lots to get some good ones.

    If you are using it to get links, it’s a great system and I have lots of great results in a short time using it. The downside is that you have to either create the articles or pay someone to write them. Another downside is that it may take more links to get the job done because your top tier blogs won’t necessarily use a system like this. Also, you don’t get to see the sites before your links go live or even after (unless you do a backlink check).

    Overall, it is a solid piece of software. I do not recommend products that I have not used and benefited from.

    ~ Anthony

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