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The Importance of Guest Blogging – Fueled Friday

Last weeks Fueled Friday discussed article marketing which is a close relative of guest blogging. After all, a blog post is essentially an article written for a blog other than it’s author. I want to share with you specifically why this is a great strategy for building your business online.

More important than getting a link from a blog is getting exposure to new audiences that may not know you. As you are introduced to new audiences, a certain percentage of these readers will want to learn more about you and perhaps follow your blog if you have one. It is ideal to guest post on blogs in your field, but it can also be helpful to post on blogs that are not in your field, but have a strong following.

Guest blogging can also be a great strategy for someone who does not want to maintain a blog because generally you just send the article (in Word or a related program) and the webmaster or blogger posts the article. The end results is the same in that it gets exposure for you and ideally links to your website as well.

In last weeks post, I also shared two great resources for connecting with guest bloggers ( and but all you have to do to find guest blogging opportunities is do a search for blogs in your field and look at the contact and about sections of the blog to find the contact. Some make it really easy and have a “write for us” link at the top or in the footer. Keep in mind that you want to look over the blog and make sure it is something you want to be associated with. Also, in the interest of getting the most exposure, the stronger the blog is, the better the opportunity will be.

Guest blogging can often lead to other opportunities such as a columnist where you become a regular guest blogger or contributing writer.

Lastly, keep in mind that not all bloggers are open to having guest bloggers, especially if they see you as a competitor.

If you have never guest blogged, I encourage you to give it a short. You might be amazed at the exposure you get. In fact, if you have learned something from the Fueled Friday series that has helped you in a tangible way and want to share it, contact me to discuss having a guest post here.

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4 Responses to “The Importance of Guest Blogging – Fueled Friday”

  • For one thing, it is a great way for new writers to get their name out in the blogosphere and begin building up a portfolio of posted work that they can then direct prospective clients to.

  • Good one.. By my question is that I have built a website, i am doing backlinks for it, by bookmarking and article marketting in ezine and squidoo… DO i still need to do blog commenting?

  • @ szenovera – Thanks for visiting and commenting. Let me know if you need anything.

    @ Anonymous – First, your name was changed because I doubt your name is “reverse phone lookup.” If you want to effectively comment on blogs, you should use your real name, unless you want to be deemed a spammer. If you want to continue to reach new markets, then yes I suggest blog commenting, but not as spam (i.e. using a keyword for your name).

  • I find BloggerLinkUp very useful and the weekly email updates I receive make it easy for me. I want to agree with Szenovera, and say that guest blogging is definitely a wonderful opportunity for the new writer who wants exposure. Guest blogging opportunities are based on the quality of the article and not necessarily on the writer’s amount of time in the field.

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