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What Are You Waiting For? – Fueled Friday (late edition)

This will be short and sweet. Yes, I know I missed another Fueled Friday, but the good news is that the new business is growing very rapidly. I did have a bout of illness last week, and also had a new machine installed (which is a HUGE task but something I am grateful for). I also upgraded my email systems which was LONG overdue. Anyhow, back to you!

If you have been reading these consistently, you have had lots of opportunity to improve your presence online. Human nature being what it is, I am confident that most of the readers that not implemented everything they have learned. Today I am going to be a coach and motivator and ask why you have not done everything you can do make your website successful. If you have kept up, then my question to you is “what do you need to learn next and why have you not gone out and gotten the information you need?” (no one gets off easy).

Personally, I am working on lots of new stuff. I am constantly learning and implementing what I learn. My clients actually benefit because often I will use their sites to test new strategies that might lead to better results faster.

My challenge is:

1. Go back and look over the previous Fueled Friday posts and find something you can implement THIS WEEK.

2. If you can’t find anything to implement (which would be hard), then write down your biggest challenge with your online marketing, then do a Google search and find the solution and start to implement it THIS WEEK.

3. Let me know if you get stuck.

That’s all for now. Having the knowledge won’t do anything for your online marketing success, but taking action will!

Have a great week!

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