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How to Maximize Your Online Marketing Efforts – Fueled Friday

For those that did not know, I started a new company a few weeks ago. I have not made a big media push or make any announcements yet because I had so much to do to get the business up and running, and most of all I needed to take care of those that needed immediate help with their online marketing efforts. There will be more to come on this very soon. This is my excuse for skipping last weeks Fueled Friday (my first and hopefully last).

Every day, I talk to someone about some form of online marketing. The one thing that people always want to know is “how much traffic will I get.” We discuss market potential, estimated percentages, and the like and they have a broad idea of what to expect over time. What is more important is knowing what percentage of your website visitors will do business with you. The sad statistic is that on average, 97% of the people that come to your website will not do business with you. Ask yourself how many websites you visit when you are looking for something before you buy. Your website visitors are no different.

A few strategies can help you increase the percentage of people that either stay or take the next step and contact you:

1. Give them a good match for their search query. If someone does a web search for “invoice factoring”, the page that they land on better speak specifically to the topic, otherwise you have lost that visitor. If you have multiple service offerings from your company, it is critical that you have specific pages that discuss each separately to help your prospect find what they are looking for.

2. Get their contact information (ethically). This is the most important because if you are able to send educational and informative follow up emails, over time you will find that you are getting more sales from these prospects that otherwise would never have heard from you again. There are several email marketing systems to choose from, but the most robust system by far is InfusionSoft. It is far more than just an email marketing system, but rather a business automation and enhancement system. As an affiliate, I am offering a free 15-day trial of InfusionSoft.

3. Using a Live Chat operator. Just a few days ago I was looking into some software and the live chat operator popped up. I didn’t chat, but it did entice me to call and I got all of my questions answered. Once such option is Website Alive, which also offers a free trial.

These are a few simple ways to make your online marketing efforts go further by engaging your website visitors. Do you have any techniques that have helped you increase your conversion rate that you would like to share? If so, please comment below.

Have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to “How to Maximize Your Online Marketing Efforts – Fueled Friday”

  • hi, and first congratulations to open a new company. I hope you will go ahed of others. I am a big fan of your blog posts. Your tips are useful for me to analyse and think how to make more of my blog in terma of traffic and revenue.

  • Jen:

    Thank you for your post and congrats! Your tips are very useful. I am working for a small advertising agency which provides SEO, SEM and Social Media campaigns for businesses, and have seen first hand how much customers seem to like the Live Chat option. The more a campaign is personalized to a customer the better. Everyone enjoys feeling like a deal, incentive or product is targeting them directly. I look forward to your next post!

  • gopi:

    Internet marketing is the latest fad that is revolutionizing
    the world of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer)
    merchandising. Internet marketing is simply the online version of the
    traditional advertising models that we are generally familiar with.
    The only difference is that, instead of billboards and hoardings this
    particular promotional method uses web space to exhibit and promote a
    product. The rest is almost the same. Internet marketing like
    conventional advertising methods blends technology and creativity to
    increase visibility of a particular commodity or service. However,
    Internet marketing makes a more cost effective solution than
    traditional advertising in the sense that, it can penetrate a
    wider customer base more easily and in a time and expense that is
    associated with the generic advertising models.

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