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How to Effectively Comment on Blogs – Fueled Friday

This may seem like a very basic topic, yet it is one that many people fail at and I have a personal frustration in dealing with it, so I wanted to take the time to share some etiquette on how to comment on blogs.

People comment on blogs for many reasons; for some it is to join a conversation (probably the best reason), for others it is to be heard, and for others it is simply a a matter of getting links from a quality blog. I have no problem with using blog comments to get links, in fact, I wrote a blog post of how to generate links by commenting on blogs.

When commenting on blogs, you want to actually dialogue with the blogger or another commenter. You don’t want to make a comment such as “thanks for the info” because that does not add any value and it makes it seem like you are just trying to scam a link (and you probably are). Even worse is when you use a keyword for your name. If your mother named you “business solutions in India” I simply feel sorry for you. I cannot tell you how many of these posts I get every single say where someone is trying to get “keyword value” from their blog comment. For the record, my spam filter is set pretty high, and the others that have to be manually administered are flagged as spam. I actually spelled out some guidelines to commenting on this blog, but perhaps people don’t read them, which is understandable.

Please know that posting a non-helpful post of one that is totally unrelated to the blog post is simply not acceptable and most bloggers with delete your comment or mark it as spam.

For those that spam, it is a huge missed opportunity because commenting is an opportunity to gather new followers that click through to your link. It is also an opportunity to show your expertise; trust me people take note.

If you have not ever commented on another blog, I encourage you to do a search for blogs related to your industry and go out and join a conversation. If it’s your first time, please feel free to come back and share your experiences.

Most of all, have a great weekend!

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7 Responses to “How to Effectively Comment on Blogs – Fueled Friday”

  • Great post but I’m not sure how long the validity of commenting on blogs will last when Google finally introduce the much threatened linkspam algorithm.

  • oldschool:

    @ Carla – As you know, anything is possible with Google. Until then, I do believe it is a great practice. If the links lose value one would still get some exposure by commenting.

  • I do believe, it is a great way to keep an eye on a good conversation. Most of the blog commenters think, it’s just a process of getting link and expose yourself on others blog. But, it always make the comments as spam. I am also learning how to make good & effective comments and what to avoid during commenting.

  • thanks for the info!

    just kidding. To be honest, I share your feelings about comments.

    However, I think the nofollow thing on blogs didn’t really stop spam. People are still spamming like it helps gain traffic in a positive way to their site. And maybe they are getting what they want. I mean they are still doing it.

    But I’ve been turned down to commenting on, let alone reading blogs that have nofollow, or won’t allow me to post a relative link back to my website.

    I also wish it’s more common to post a comment with some useful anchor text instead of my name. My site is not about my name, so why should my name link to it?

    The more I contribute to blog comments, the more google will believe my site is about “Daniel Losada”

    My 2 Cents,

  • @ Daniel. I agree that people are still abusing blog comments, but the links have less value with nofollow and they certainly don’t benefit from adding anything to an online community and building their followers in the process. Resist the urge to go to the dark side 🙂

  • I agree about the nofollow link/spam comment lack of value.

    However, my main issue is the name that is the anchor text to my website. When I type “Daniel Losada” my website shows up because of all the comments I make on nofollow blogs with my name instead of “Website design” or “web solutions” or something spammy to that effect.

    In all honesty, I rather keep my name attached to the post I comment on and I want people to click on my name because they like what I wrote and are interested, but I rather let Google Bot know that my site is not about “Daniel Losada”. It’s about “Web Design”.

    You know what I mean?


    PS I will NEVER go to the dark side. You have my word.

  • Daniel, I hear you. There are other ways to generate quality keyword anchored links. A few that come to mind are:

    1. Articles created for article syndication sites.
    2. Guest blog posts that allow links other than the signature block.
    3. Negotiating links with complementary but non-competitive sites.
    4. (And I don’t recommend this) Paid text links 🙂

    Hope that helps.


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