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52 Fueled Fridays

Happy New Year! For those that follow my blog, I am sorry that life has been so busy that I was not been able to post constantly in 2009. This is something that I am going to improve this year. Notice, I did not say “something I am going to try to do” because “trying” does not exist. You can do or not do and I am committed to do.

One way to make sure that I post at least weekly, is by starting a weekly blog series. I have decided to call this series “52 Fueled Fridays” with the purpose of providing an online marketing tip for you to employ. For some, implementing the tips will be easier than others and many of these tips will be able to be implemented by anyone who can type on a computer. For many, Friday represents an office day, personal development day, catch up day, or marketing day. It also give you the weekend to work on it if you need to.

I am going to cheat by making this the first post, but I do have a schedule and next week I will kick of the practical stuff by discussing how to have an effective online marketing plan for 2010.

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Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your Fueled Friday!

~ Anthony

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