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Best Practices For Sharing Facebook Events

Today, I saw a local event announcement on Facebook that I wanted to share with others because it was promoting a local event where Les Brown was speaking. The challenge is that there was no way for me to link to it other than the Facebook event link and not every one uses Facebook as there end-all resource (believe it or not).

I shared with my friend that if she could post the event details on a blog I would be more than happy to help her promote her event. For example, I am active on Twitter & LinkedIn, where blog links can easily be shared (this may be a revelation to some), and where I am connected to thousands of local business owners that might want to attend.

My advice is that if you have notes or events that you want others to share, you should provide a link to an outside resource (ideally a blog) so that others can help promote it. Having others promote your content has a lot to do with making it easy for them to do so.

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6 Responses to “Best Practices For Sharing Facebook Events”

  • Finn:

    This is a great tip, thanks very much, that’s exactly what I will do now with a couple of things I need promoting.

  • Facebook is a good social media site and numerous people are talking advantages of its features. It’s a best way to promote your local events amoung ur friends and the dear one’s.

  • anon:

    Facebook is good – but I think it’s better for brand awareness than actual sales.

  • joel:

    Wow! Really a great tip. Facebook is the best social media site and I think this is the best way to promote the events.
    Thanks for sharing a useful tip.

  • Facebook is the best way to promote your events and posts/atricles. As the facebook is growing immensly it benefits the social business to increse there revenue.

  • Stephane Gauvin:

    If the event resides on a Fan page it can be seen by everyone (even if they do not have a Facebook identity)

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