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How SEO Can Attract Investors to Your Business

I talk to many business owners seeking funding for their businesses. Many of them invest their money in fancy brochures, or even elaborate websites, but what they often don’t understand is that approaching a potential investor and showing them these things won’t do much to help their cause.

When an investor is looking to put money into a company, they are usually concerned about one thing; how does this business make money? Whether they are Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists, their goal is to put their money in, watch the business grow, and get out with a return. In this regard, the most important things you can show that investor is what you have done specifically to build a client base or generate revenue with your limited resources. Fancy brochures rarely close customers, nor do fancy websites. In fact, most business owners put online marketing at the bottom of their to-do list due to ignorance. I recently spoke with a marketing manager from a start up company who said “it’s too early for us to consider online marketing”. WHAT? This was even after I showed her that there were hundreds of thousands of monthly searches for her business.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you have to go out and dominate the Internet, but I am saying to do something rather than nothing.

Here a few suggestions:

1. Start Locally. Doing a local SEO campaign can produce great results for making a name for your business in your local market. Bare bones cost for a local search campaign = $499 (one time).

2. Issue a press release. There are right ways to do press and wrong ways. Most business owners tend to write promotional pieces about their companies and that won’t cut it as a press release. Having a professional team write a press release and get it on the news wire for you does not have to be expensive. My team can get the job done for $500 (one time).

3. Kick Off SEO Campaign. For many businesses, it is critical to engage in ongoing SEO activities to obtain and maintain strong rankings. However, doing a one time campaign, can get the site in the mix and get the search engines to at least know that you exist which will bode well for when you are ready to fully engage SEO. A kick-off campaign which includes a few pages of optimization, some directory submissions, a press release, and blog reviews runs at around $2,000 (one time).

These are just a few simple options to show you that SEO does not have to cost a fortune to get started. If you’d like more info or a free SEO consultation, you can contact me at 800-453-9290 or anthony(@)

Have a great day!

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8 Responses to “How SEO Can Attract Investors to Your Business”

  • Often times many people dump all their resources into marketing material and large expensive websites and then are left with nothing for marketing.

  • Our website; is going through the processes of inviting investors. Going through your article has broadened our knowledge on what to do.

  • “How does this business make money?” yaa that is the most important thing to any investor. No matter how much you promote your business, you won’t get any investor if you can’t convince them with your business methods.

  • SEO really does attract potential investors and customers to the site because of the amount of targeted traffic you’re generating. Plus being at the top in your niche gives you more exposure by the search engine rankings hence customers will find you more reliable and an authority in the business because many businesses are conducted on Internet including real estate one. So it’s important, first to market yourself locally and then go for country-wide marketing and the whole world.

  • I work with small business and it really takes them a shift of thinking to understand now how important the internet is with marketing their company. They still think stick ad in newspaper and in the Yellow Pages the best and only place to be…. HOw many people use the yellow pages to search for products.

  • oldschool:

    (sorry for the late responses)

    @ Nick – I agree, it is poor business planning to leave SEO out of the equation, and a near sure guarantee of failure in business.

    @ Anderson – Glad I can help. Let me know if you need further assistance.

    @ seo company – While it is true that many investors want to know how much a business makes, it is not uncommon for investors in invest in businesses that are not solvent, losing money, or those that have potential. Having solid positioning online puts you ahead of those that are not if all other factors are equal, and makes your busines more valuable.

    @ Naples – Agreed, except if you are a local business, you can stop with the local market and save some money. Or you could branch out an monetize the site nationally with an affiliate program.

    @ Angelo – This is true, and sadly only a handful of businesses really do well in the Yellow Pages. The same businesses end up in the Yellow Pages top 10 almost every year.

  • anon:

    At first I was hesitant to acquire the service of an SEO specialist to attract clients, as I firmly believe back then that having a website was already enough. Thankfully, for some reason, I gave in and soon saw my online writing business receive orders at a staggering rate. Looking back, I feel like punching myself in the face because my business could have immediately experienced growth if it weren’t for my stubbornness.

  • […] are turning to the Internet for online marketing solutions and to attract investors. One of these solutions is search engine optimization. Andrew Kirlew suggests using SEO. He recommends using SEO locally, then issue a press release and […]

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