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Why I Consider Today One of My Most Successful Days in SEO

I consider today one of my most successful SEO days ever. Not because I got a new client, not because I got another great ranking, not because I did a great interview, and not because I got a large paycheck from a client. My wife just got get first client from the website I put up for her, and it was 100% based on how her website ranked for what she does. My wife ( a social worker) knows the value of SEO and after listening to me ramble on for the past several years, actually knows more than many people who need to know. But today, she gets to enjoy the full benefit of SEO which is the revenue from a new client.

Today, as she was meeting with her new client, she asked the president of the company how he found her (knowing full well how) and he said that she came up #1 in Google. He also said his daughter (who maintains his website) said that it either cost a lot of money or took a lot of talent to obtain that ranking. I am glad people still think this way because it has paved the way for my new book where I have laid out all of my “SEO Secrets” in my latest book, The Internet Marketing Guide for Small Business, which I am selling for a mere $19. The good news for my wife is that she is married to me and I did it all for her 🙂 The good news for everyone else is that $19 is not a lot of money to generate clients.

You may be asking, “Did “I” spend a lot of money?” Not at all, in fact, I didn’t spend a penny on SEO and I paid a designer friend less than $100 to create the website. I did no paid submissions, and spent zero on PPC. Much of what I did was just on auto-pilot because I “live” SEO, but I have to say it is ALL laid out in my book. I held nothing back and you can learn how to do this for your business and even more.

Get The Internet Marketing Guide for Small Business today and get on track to dominate your market in 2009!

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2 Responses to “Why I Consider Today One of My Most Successful Days in SEO”

  • don:

    Excellent nooz, but pls tell me who designed her site for “less than $100”!

  • oldschool:

    @ Don – I can’t divulge, but she is one of my secret weapons in business (and you know her). In full disclosure, it is just a one page website, but it looks great!

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