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How to Enhance Your Google Local Listing

Today I went to both the dentist and the chiropractor, so I did a lot of thinking about how local businesses generate traffic. The dentist was a new dentist to me and was literally across the street. I did a Google search to get the number by searching for dentists and my zip code. By the time I left I was talking to the dentist about online marketing and whether or not he wanted to barter for an $800+ crown 🙂 He was a super guy and when I got back home, I decided to add a review to his Google Local Listing. Not only am I sure he will appreciate it, but I will print it out to give him with a copy of my new book (The Internet Marketing Guide for Small Business) and show him that I have already started to market his business for him.

As I sat at my chiropractors office, I realized I had never asked for his business although he has mine. The owner wasn’t there, but I thought how effective it would be if I could help him grow his local business by offer his existing customers a free adjustment for leaving a comment on Google Local. If he decides to do it, hopefully, I can report back with some good news.

As I drove home, I started to think about how different businesses could offer their current customers something of value that would not only keep them coming back, but help to increase their testimonials of Google Local. If you have another local review site of choice such as Yelp, it is just as applicable, but I felt that Google was a good one to use particularly because when I search, I try and find reviews to help me narrow down my decision.

I think I am on to something here and if you are willing to implement this strategy, I’d love to hear your success story.

Have a great weekend!

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10 Responses to “How to Enhance Your Google Local Listing”

  • You’re right on the mark Ed. There is a huge opportunity to work with local businesses to educate them on about online marketing and social media marketing. It’s all about referrals, whether your online or offline.

  • Local search has so much power it’s crazy. Great thoughts with the free service exchange for review.

    Here’s a site I’ve been using for a while now as a reference for local search and it’s helped out a ton.

    One thing is to make sure your who-is info is local to your area and make it SEO friendly for local search.

    Great article… thanks.

  • oldschool:

    Jim, I agree education is key for small business owners. I was speaking with a small business owner today (who is also a friend) who said he didn’t have the time to learn SEM. I basically told him that any small business owner who didn’t make SEM education a priority and claims to not have a budget to pay for it, would soon be out of business. By the way, I am Anthony, not Ed 🙂

    Spencer, Thanks for the list, I think others will find it helpful.

  • I’ve just started work on online marketing for a client – and in fact I’m now in the train to meet him to verify his google local listing!

    Am not aware of how popular local is in Singapore, but an additional exposure anywhere on the web is always better than not having it eh!

  • oldschool:

    Kian, I did a check and there are plenty of listings on Google Maps in Singapore, so hopefully you can come up with a similar strategy to help your client boost their reviews.

  • Great article…and helped me to “localize” my own projects. One comment alone “clicked” with me. That was “it is all about referrals whether you are online line or offline.” So TRUE! Gotta love this social sharing of info!

  • Hi Ed,

    I appreciate all that you are doing and love your teaching methods. It is so fun and I look forward to more everyday.



  • oldschool:

    @ bluejeanslady – glad I could help.

    @ Charlotte – Thanks for your feedback. I am just not sure why people keep addressing me as Ed? (I am Anthony)

  • oldschool:

    Thanks to Spencer for clarifying the referenced to Ed in that Ed Dale actually Twittered my article here which seemed to create come confusion as to who wrote it.

    – Anthony Kirlew (a.k.a. OldSchool SEO)

  • Such a great article, people always underestimate the power of universal search.

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