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3 Marketing Lessons from the Obama Campaign

If we are always paying attention, we can learn from most of life’s experiences. As I was laying down to sleep after writing a late night proposal, I started thinking about how Barack Obama ran his campaign and how he made an impact on such a large group of people, then I saw some clear parallels that could be used by business owners and marketers. Please note, this is not meant to be in any way politically slanted.

Here are three takeaways for every business owner or marketer from the winning political campaign:

1. Listen to your prospects and find what their real needs are. Obama listened to what the American people were saying and then addressed their most pressing issues such as joblessness and health care.

2. Speak your prospects language. Obama did not engage people in political jargon, or big words to impress people. He spoke like he was actually trying to communicate a clear message to his audience – and in the end, he did just that,

3. Communicate with your prospects often & effectively. The Obama team did a great job of communicating with their constituents via email. Very early on, I decided to follow some of what the politicians where doing in terms of online marketing, and ended up subscribing to his email list. Not only did he communicate often, but made great use of videos, and in particular viral video marketing (I received some of the messages multiple times from other people). My one complaint is that they did not respond to my direct request for an interview on the topics of how they were using the Internet in their outreach.

Whether you voted for him or not, I hope you can choose to learn a little something from how he ran his campaign. And for our nation, I do pray that he provides only change for the better.

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5 Responses to “3 Marketing Lessons from the Obama Campaign”

  • The Obama campaign was brilliantly run internally, but some of the external forces (namely, the mainstream media) also played a significant role in seeing to it that he was elected.

    I’m praying that God will change Barack Obama’s heart as quite a few of his campaign pledges are disturbing and he has proven to not be a friend of the unborn including those children born alive after a botched abortion.

    I know for Americans of African ancestry that Barack Obama’s election was a watershed event for them. For that reason I will concede its importance in underscoring the victorious civil rights movement.

  • oldschool:

    Matt, thanks for your comments. Without eliciting a political debate (not at all my goal here), I will say “very well said.”

    ~ Anthony

  • There are so many ways that Obama played the media both mainstream and online that helped his campaign. The Obama camp did an excellent job communicating with their supporters.

  • The tv commercial with him in a class room talking about his family not having much money and then showing his grandma and mom. That did it for me. I could connect with Obama, who comes from a different cultural background and race. I’m a Native German and white. Whoever ran his campaign, they did an excellent job making sure pretty much everyone could connect to Obama at least at some level. Excellent!!!!!

  • oldschool:

    @ concord / @ Andrea

    I agree, that Mr. Obama did an amazing job in relating to every person from all different walks of life. I predict when he is out of office, he will write a book on promotion or branding.

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