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Local Search Marketing Advice for Bloggers and Small Business Owners

Some bloggers want to remain anonymous, while others are out to build a brand. Some struggle because they serve local markets, yet attract visitors from all over the country (and the world). There is a simple way to increase your blogs local exposure however. Perhaps you have heard the advice to put your address on every page of your website for better local search exposure? Well, with a blog (at least a WordPress blog), it’s so much easier because whatever you code in your footer or on the template (including widgets) will show up on every page.

The simplest way to implement this is by adding a “text box” at the bottom of one of the columns, and you will now have local branding. I just implemented this for one of the local blogs that I manage, so I look forward to seeing it work for me as well.

If you run a small business, this is another angle you can use to capture local market share. So if you aren’t yet blogging – there is never a better time to start than today.

Hope that helps.

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2 Responses to “Local Search Marketing Advice for Bloggers and Small Business Owners”

  • I love blogs, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve found the single best way to get local traffic (or to control reginonal and national traffic) is to have a unique domain with a wordpress blog. I use my main site to title-tag the local/regional key word terms, then use my blog for the “less sticky” terms, linking back to my site. This works really well and gives me targeted traffic.
    Thanks for allowing me to have a say on your site,

  • oldschool:

    Chris, thanks for sharing. I agree that titles are great places to optimize for local and regional keywords. Adding the address can help local consumers better connect emotionally with a business by eliciting the “oh, I know right where that is” response.

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