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1,000,000+ Facebook Users Decry The New Facebook Layout

I was never a fan of the new Facebook layout when it was put out there for testing. Now, there is no longer a choice for the old Facebook layout that we’ve all grown to love. But it’s not just be that feels that way. Today, I noticed that a few friends had joined a Facebook Group called 1,000,000 AGAINST THE NEW FACEBOOK LAYOUT! and also noted that they have already exceeded 1,000,000 members – I became member # 1,240,915.

So what don’t I like about the new Facebook layout?

1. It hides most of the old stuff from the profile home page. It’s got lots of tabs to find other info, that is just clunky. Everything you needed was there on the old layout.

2. Groups and Pages are hidden. Perhaps that was one of their goals, but it really makes groups and pages less prominent because they are no longer on the front page.

3. Inability to click through to profiles. (UPDATE: This seems to be working now – I did say it seemed to be an error in my original post because it seemed very odd) It’s almost like this is an error because if you are on your profile page and see that you are now friends with someone, you cannot directly click to their profile.

I could go on, but I am short on time. I don’t think it is so much that people don’t like change, but more so that people don’t like changes that aren’t for the better.

UPDATE: I have noticed a handful of groups on FB like this one. My strong recommendation is to join the party with this group so that the powers that be can have an accurate count of what percentage of their audience is unhappy. They boast 100,000,000 members, but I am curious to know how many of those are active At any rate, this group currently consists of 1,257,685 members (just above 1.25% of the total FB population), which means as of today, roughly 8,000 members per hour are joining this group.

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2 Responses to “1,000,000+ Facebook Users Decry The New Facebook Layout”

  • matt:

    i find that your (1) is a matter of opinion. i happen to like the face that everything is hidden . you don’t have to dig through all this garbage to find someone’s wall or their contact info. tabs organize everything so there’s not one giant myspace mess. your (2) is understandable. if you’re a fan of a giant unreadable list of groups then more power to you. your (3) is completely insane. first define “click through profiles.” what does that mean? if you look down the bottom of the facebook page, no matter what page you’re on, there’s a little button that has an icon that looks like a sign. it’s called notifications. names are always clickable. anywhere.

    people fear change. its not that they don’t like it. they FEAR it. give it a chance. and quit with the double negatives. its confusing.

  • oldschool:

    Thanks Matt. Perhaps my points are irrelevant, but over 1.2 million people agree that this new format is just bad. As someone said “why fix what’s not broken”.

    As for #3 – I thought I tried it on more than one machine, but it is working now. My new friends were not clickable and I figured there was some glaring problem.

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