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Three Keys to Success in Online Marketing… and Life in General

Today a friend emailed me asking my thoughts on a popular marketing program designed to help people have success online. I won’t mention it, but it’s not unlike many of the other programs out there. It will give you the mechanics of what you need to succeed in Online Marketing, but it won’t put it into action for you.

The keys are putting knowledge into action. As I wax philisophical, it’s really not different than success in any other arena in life. With that, here are the 3 keys to success.

1. Get Started. It is far better to have a work in progress than a dream. You can and will learn as you go, and what people fear most (people finding their site before it’s perfect), is the best thing that could actually happen to them – and an evidence of success. When I look at my first site, it’s horrific, then I recall that I made a monthly residual income from that site, often exceeding $1,000 and think that’s not too shabby.

2. Stay Focused. We’ve all heard this one, and it’s true. When you look at some of the most successful people out there, they have the ability to exercise amazing focus. My primary qualification for giving this advice is the fact that it has been one of my biggest struggles in life (they call it ADD).

3. Be consistent. I always tell people, if you do “something” (anything) on your Internet Marketing to-do list every day, you will succeed. One of the best things that you can commit to doing is blogging often. Ask any professional blogger, such as Darren Rowse, and you will hear that when they started, the not only wrote blog posts daily, but multiple times per day. It’s one of the fastest ways to establishing authority and building an online community related to you your product or service, and best of all, will result in more “free web traffic” than most people realize.

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