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WordPress Plugins That I Can’t Live Without

Here is a compilation of WordPress plugins that I currently use and am satisfied with. I know there are others that do the same thing, so feel free to leave comments and let others know what you are using.

Do-Follow – Disables “no-following” of links. Highly recommended for all bloggers.

Spam Karma – Blocks Spam – Somehow, I do think spam elicits bad karma – as it should.

All in One SEO – Allows for Optimization of Posts for Search Engines. Assuming that a high percentage of bloggers do so for online exposure, this is a must.

Google Analytics – Allows for tracking with Google Analytics. How will you ever sell ads on your blog if you don’t know how many people visit?

MyBlogLog – Adds MyBlogLog Widget allowing you to interact with other bloggers. A nice networking tool (now owned by Yahoo)

Subscribe To Comments – Allows users to subscribe to posts they comment on which helps to increase your return visitors and build community at your blog.

WP DB Backup – Simplifies the process of backing up your blog, which you should do periodically.

YouTube Brackets – Allows for easy embedding of YouTube videos – (thanks to Caroline Middlebrook for a detailed explanation on how to implement this)

Sociable – Simplifies interaction with Social Media websites.

Google AdSense – Allows for monetization of your blog with Google AdSense. Use with caution lest you send your visitors away for pennies.

Hope those are helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about any of them and feel free to subscribe to my blog to get more free online business development tips.

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12 Responses to “WordPress Plugins That I Can’t Live Without”

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  • Nice list of wordpress plugins. I use a few on my site but I hadn’t heard of some of these and now I get to test them out. You should look at CommentLuv as a plugin. Other bloggers like to leave comments when they can show off their site too.

  • oldschool:

    @Koka – Let me know how you like them. I have heard of CommentLUV but have not tried it yet, I will put it on my list of plugins to check out.

  • Great list here! Spam Karma is a must have with all the spammers out there! I also use the All in One SEO and LOVE the features!

  • oldschool:

    @Tara – I agree – Spam Karma was a godsend for me. It saves me lots of time, and truly, I enjoy seeing spammers get blacklisted.

  • I have a great interest in SEO tools.and i really like reading the article related to SEO.This article has also provide me great knowledge.

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  • I enjoy all articles to do with SEO, but I really enjoyed this writing. I use some Plugins but not all. I can’t wait to add some more to my list.

    I will be returning for more readings.


  • dont forget
    wordpress auto upgrader. it’s awesome. and super easy.

  • oldschool:

    @ Agnes. Thanks for dropping by. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog to get all of the updates.

    @ Megan – Your blogging experience will very likely be enhanced and simplified by using these and other plugins.

    @darkernights – Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out and possibly update my WordPress plugin recommendation list in a future posting.

  • I thought I had most of the “indispensable” plugins, but was missing no-follow (and the comments subscription is neat too!). Thank you for the post.

  • I really like using wordpress plugins and my favourite two which you have listed here are All In One SEO & Google Analytics.

    All The Best

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