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I am really a nice guy which is why I don’t often mention names, but this amazed me. A colleague of mine informed me that as she was using the spell checker on the webmail system, the word “f*ck” was offered to her as an option for the correction of a persons name. She was shocked and a bit offended. I was able to duplicate the issue and let the web hosting support folks know about it. My comment to the support folks was “if someone wants to use that word and can’t spell it… well that might explain why they use it”.

So here is my question; am I over reacting, or should this word not be in the default dictionary for the spell checker?

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2 Responses to “WTF?”

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  • I can not help but to laugh at this! I am shocked it was considered a dictionary word. I mean I know it is a word, but never thought of it as a proper word. I know half the world uses it, heck I do too every now and then, but do not think it would be offered in a spell check.

    I personally look at it as just another word, but I do know many people who want to cover their ears when they hear the word. Now, it is a word I would not use around my children and I think I would be a bit PO’ed, if it offered that as a replacement when one of my children were checking work online.

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