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DISCLAIMER: The FTC requires me to let you know that I may be compensated for products or services recommended. In many cases I am recommending my own company's services, so it's kind of funny to have to spell this out, but I do get paid by some of the companies whose ads are on the site. I ONLY list ads for companies that I use and fully endorse.

OldSchool SEO offering SEM Services

This really isn’t news other than I have not posted any specific information on SEM consulting services on this blog prior. As far as SEM services, I am a one man operation however I utilize the services of two firms in particular to handle my overflow work. I also work with a designer who handles any web design needs that may arise. From time to time I consider adding additional SEM staff and building Web Traffic Team into a larger entity, but I did that once already and I just don’t think it’s the direction I want to go in. There is always the possibility of partnering with one of the many SEM firms that I respect and trust, but for now, I am very content working as I do.

I will be focusing on a few niche industries, mostly related to financial services and offering a host of services including:

– Tele-coaching
– One on One Coaching
– Full Service SEM
– Social Media Marketing
– Link Building
– Pay Per Click Search
– General SEM Consulting.

For more information on SEM service offerings and pricing, please visit the Search Marketing Consulting section of my blog.

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