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OldSchool SEO Gets a Face Lift

While I’d like to get the kind of face lift that would remove my extra chin, I have (for now) done a face life on the website. I wasn’t married to the “Matt Cutts” theme, I just had other more pressing priorities. I have to say, I am really happy with this selection because while it’s not the custom template that I’d like it was priced right at “free ninety nine”.

Even since I decided to get serious about blogging this year, I looked into custom designs, and really had a hard time spending real money on a site that doesn’t bring in money directly. Of course, this is the year to change that as I will highlight the services offered by my company, Web Traffic Team a bit more on the blog (and that site is getting a “real” face lift).

I would like to not only thank Performancing for the free WordPress template, but will credit Matt Keegan for prompting me to use it (without even knowing).

As for the other face lift? I missed the SEO’s Fight Fat For Charity Competition and couldn’t join late (Go Simon!), so I am on my own trying to eat healthy and exercise. I am not off to a good start either, and the fact that I am in Las Vegas this weekend won’t help much, although my hotel allegedly has a gym — mt wife said it does, but I haven’t seen it yet. Hopefully, I will be in shape before the next SEO Fat Fight, but if not, maybe I can lose weight for a good cause.

Happy Friday and wish me luck at the tables!

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5 Responses to “OldSchool SEO Gets a Face Lift”

  • Thanks for the mention, Anthony. I think you will like this theme — it is one of the easier ones to use, it is clean, and it looks nice.

    Stay away from the Vegas food — I hear that it is a source of a lot of temptation!

  • oldschool:

    @ Matt – I like the fact that it had a fresh, clean look when I saw it on your site and I am happy with it so far. Compared to what I had, anything is an improvement.

    RE: Vegas – The food isn’t the only temptation here, although it is a big one. If I can stay away from the blackjack tables “and” the buffets, I will leave with more money and less fat 🙂

  • Looks good Old School but mmm either it is a Firefox issue or theme issue but your buttons for your readers don’t line up right. Was that intentional?? Just asking cause it seems to take away from the flow of the theme.

  • oldschool:

    @ Joe – I noticed that as well. It wasn’t intentional, but I didn’t really have time to look into it. I kind of like the look in FF, but I just checked IE and it’s worse. I am still in Vegas on a weekend getaway, so it’s way off of my radar.

  • I have one other suggestion if you don’t mind. When you get back to home base and can work on it put your subscribe to this feed area above your recent posts area. That way it is easy to find and above the fold.

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