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Can OSS Get You Fired?

I was chatting with Social Media guru Brian Reeder today and the term “Over-Social Syndrome” (OSS) came up. He coined the phrase and I coined the acronym – so we can share this to-be-trademarked Social Media term 🙂

OSS is the phenomenon that occurs when you spend much of your work day Digging, Stumbling, Sphinning, Mixxing, you know – doing Social Media Acrobatics. My wife often wonders how I come up with so many random websites and YouTube videos. She now even kids about Digging and Sphinning just because she hears me talking about it — but I can’t her to do it (would that be gaming?)

So here is my question? What part of your work day is consumed by OSS? (don’t worry it’s anonymous, so your boss will never know – unless they walk in while your taking the poll)

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