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8 Ways to Use The Number One Internet Marketing skill

So what is the number one Internet Marketing skill? Writing. Why is writing is so important to Internet Marketing? Primarily it’s because search engines crave written content. It’s no secret; we’ve all heard that content is king, but it’s not limited to content on your website. Here are some of the ways you can write your way to Internet Marketing success:

1. Optimizing Web Copy. Always a great starting point and copywriting is also a valuable and marketable skill.

2. Blogging.
Create lots of content on the fly and as often as you like. An extra bonus is having it promoted in Social Media circles.

3. Writing Articles.
Article marketing still has lots of pull and when done right, helps in the link building process.

4. Writing Press Releases. Similar to articles, a well distributed press release can provide inbound links, but done well, press release can lead to interviews and other opportunities for exposure.

5. Viral Marketing.
Have you written an ebook yet? If not, I challenge you to make it a priority to get writing. I have written several ebooks for several markets and for the most part they have done well for me. They are key to helping you build an email list to market your product or service to.

6. Publish a book. How does this help you in Internet Marketing? It gives you credibility in your field, which usually results in web traffic. It will also give you some income, but for the most part that should not be the focus of publishing a book (if it is, you may really be let down).

7. Writing Ads. If you get good at writing ads, you can produce excellent results in Pay Per Click search by having compelling calls to action.

8. Email Marketing.
Once you’ve built your list, the simplest way (although maybe not the most effective) to reach your prospects is through email marketing. Who wants to read a poorly written email pitch? (no one).

If you are not writing, I hope this motivates you to start. If you think of any other ways that writing plays a role in effective Internet Marketing, feel free to comment. Also, I would like to invite you to subscribe to this blog if you have not already, to keep up with the latest search marketing musings.

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6 Responses to “8 Ways to Use The Number One Internet Marketing skill”

  • adam:

    Very plain and easy to read and to understand, even for me at the very beginning of Internet blogging experiences. Thanks!

  • oldschool:

    @ Adam – thanks for dropping by from across the pond.

  • I think number 1 is a bit off, copy should firstly be for the eye’s of people not binary of a bot. It should be edged towards the algo of some SE’s but the customer must come first. Don’t you agree!

  • oldschool:

    @ Colin – Agreed 100% and that was my intention. Optimized to me does not just mean “spider food” but something compelling enough to keep your bounce rate down and your conversion rate up. That’s also why I referenced copywriting.

  • I don’t think it is enough to just write for the explicit benefit of search engines, I think it is important to write and write well and make your article professional looking and sounding. If your in a serious circle of bloggers you don’t want people coming to your blog and seeing typo’s, poor grammar, and very poorly implemented mechanics. If you write and write well the first time that will automatically build the respect your wanting to earn from others your seeking attention from.

  • oldschool:

    @ Joe – a big THANK YOU. You may have missed a previous post (and survey) where a little debate was started over whether or not someone should care about spelling, grammar, etc. You can check it out here:

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