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How To Ensure That Your Content Is NOT Promoted in Social Networks

This should have been Friday’s rant. I will use being under the weather as an excuse because I really was, although I don’t think I would have had this particular post.

So here I am working on a late night project, and I got side tracked with Digg. I actually added a few new Digg friends today and went to preview some of their submissions. One gal had lots of different topics on multiple blogs, but here was the problem with all of them. Upon arriving at each of her websites, you saw her picture which confirmed it was the same person, but also 3/4 of the screen was taken up by a header followed by not one, but two 600 x 120 ad bars – HOW ANNOYING! The sad part for her is that she had some fairly decent content, but I don’t think the message would be clear enough to those arriving at her site to make it worthy of submitting or promoting. I guess if you are networked with a bunch of other bloggers pushing people to articles buried amidst contextual ads, then perhaps you will still get some action. Does anyone think that perhaps, that is one of the reasons that search marketers get a bad rap in Social Media circles?

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2 Responses to “How To Ensure That Your Content Is NOT Promoted in Social Networks”

  • I know a ton of search engine optimization experts. I understand what they do for advertisers or website owners who want to be indexed or high ranked. Who also want to develop conversion traffic to there sites and products.Using traditional methods of content, keywords, links, site design etc etc to do the job.

    Some Social Media Network seo’s if thats what you want to call them. Often use totally un-orthodox styles of link building and poor topic choice & aggressive content promotion that in essence besmirches all marketing/advertising and seo in general to do kind of a bizarro version of what real seo’s do..

    The difference is like having a good left shoe and a right shoe with a big hole in it…on a rainy day!

    Seems very few in theses social network seos have the credentials to call themselves seos or bloggers or even marketers. Just because one owns a domain and an adsense account does not an expert make thee!

    Advertisers and Social Media Networks should learn how to identify these people and filter them out.

    Sadly while I type this another advertiser is getting scammed by a snake oil seo and helping to destroy a multi billion dollar a year industry for our U.S> Ecomony.

    Im sure someone will blog about

    Peace>>> Im Ghost>>>>>>>>

  • oldschool:

    @ The Mobiblog – You make some good points there. True, some people have found success in Social Media circles and may “over use it for personal gain” or that of a client and that is no way makes them an SEO expert – they might just be lucky. There is clearly a difference between a professional web marketing who adds value to Social Media networks and people who just push garbage sites. I try to be cordial to those in my Social Media circles, but I will say I don’t automatically thumb or Digg everything sent to me. I have dropped folks that just send useless stuff, because if it’s useless to me, it’s probably useless to a lot of other people. On the other hand, if someone is exclusively submitting their own content or their clients content and it’s good, I don’t really have a problem with that – quality is quality. In the end, I have to ask myself if am I going to help those in my networks find quality sites or confuse them.

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