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To Guest Blog or not to Guest Blog, That is the Question

Every once in a while I am tempted to guest blog to reach a new audience. Lately, I have resisted the urge because I have committed to grow my site and with my limited time, I prefer to focus on developing content for me and not someone else.
So when does it make sense to guest blog?

1. When just getting started. If you don’t yet have a following, sometimes, you can woo readers to your blog by writing an article for another related site.

2. When you are a full time blogger. If you already have a successful blog, you can often find paid blogging gigs which will serve two purposes; increased exposure and increased revenue.

3. When you have lots of free time. I don’t know what that is, but it is a phenomenon that I understand occurs in people’s lives. It is also my understanding that if you have lots of it, you can not only spend time developing content on your blog, but take additional time to write articles for other blogs. NOTE: If you happen to be one of these people, feel free to contact me if you’ve got something to say to the OldSchoolSEO audience.

Of course there are also reasons to not guest blog:

1. Your best work will build someone else’s brand. If you’ve never had that killer article that skyrockets your stats, I assure you it will come provided you keep on writing. The challenge is that if you are writing elsewhere and that super blog post comes around, you will be building traffic and subscribers to a blog other than your own. Sure, it will give you additional exposure, but it won’t be exclusive to you.

2. If you have limited time. I know I said that in a reverse manner above, but some people read forwards and some people read backwards. I not only encourage you invest the little time you have on your own blog, but to dig deep and find the time to post additional articles.

If you are looking for ideas for blog content, here is a great article that was written by Simon Heseltine which should help point you in the “write” direction.

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2 Responses to “To Guest Blog or not to Guest Blog, That is the Question”

  • A few points I’d like to share:
    1) It’s sweet for links.
    2) You can target keywords your new site couldn’t go for, by leveraging their authority. I’ve done this succesfully.
    3) It builds relationships that can lead to more links down the road, to your blog or clients’ sites. Another one I’ve used :).
    4) Your best work will build your own name, and as to exclusivity, it’s frequently mutual. I guest-posted some free linkbait ideas at and David (Huomah’s owner) did an interview with me.

    BTW, I responded to your comment on the 6 strategies Youmoz post.

  • […] what Anthony has to say on the topic of writing posts on other people’s blogs, I’ve been busy doing just that, here’s a list of those that I’ve made on other […]

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