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Will Gaming .EDU domains reduce the link juice?

Many have written about how to get .EDU links to your web site in the SEO blogosphere recently. The real question isn’t “does it work?”, but rather “how long will it work?” I can see where the .edu link would be assumed to be of greater value given that an educational institution can generally be trusted. But once the masses Matt Cutts senses that .EDU domains are being gamed, won’t the value be reduced just like keyword stuffing, and the other techniques that worked in the past?

This leads to a better question. Why do so many (blogging) SEO professionals feel that they need to share everything they know? Is it to impress other SEO professionals? (I know the prospective clients don’t get most of it) There are times when I think of posting something on a blog or writing an article about a certain SEO strategy, then I say to myself “wait a minute… do I really want to share that, so everyone knows that it can be done?”

Perhaps this is why people are skeptical of SEO? I mean think about all of the late night real estate gurus on TV. Don’t you ever think to yourself “hmm, if there is this much money to be made by using this technique, why is this guy such a saint to send me his “secret formula” for only $39.95?”

I know, I am given to ramble, and get off course, but I made more than one point, so I guess its worth it. So how do you get those coveted .EDU links anyhow?

For starters, you can pay for them. Here is a site that will let you flat out pay to have a .EDU blog with a URL of less than 168 characters: If you visit this page, you will already see that the SEO folks are already at it as you can see the titles of the most recent blogs. Keep in mind, this is an “online university” so I am nit even sure how legit it is as an educational institution (hmm, more gaming?). I did a whois lookup and it goes to a P.O. Box in Colorado… (scratching my head) maybe, I should start my own blog hosting service online university.

Blog posts on .EDU domains. You can also do a search for [ “blog” ] to find blogs on .EDU domains that you might be able to post to provided they don’t use a “no-follow” (copy the code from within the brackets to the search box)

Here are a few ideas for gaining .EDU (or any other kind of links) that shouldn’t be questioned by anyone:

1. If you are inclined to be a journalist, you can find something unique about a school and write about it. Assuming that you can create a buzz about it, you can then share the buzz with the school. It helps if you are an alumni or know someone at the school who can help you get the news to the right person to post from the schools intranet and public web site.

2. You can have your company do a fund raiser for the school. If they accept your offer, let them know that your PR department will prepare a press release and ask that they release it as well (of course you have a PR department – it’s most likely YOU). You might want to make sure they have a place that they post news first or they may just issue a press release from PRWeb or something like that and defeat the goal of getting a link from them.

3. Large Donations help and although most schools don’t take the time to link to their donors, you can get some good press from the school.

That’s all for now.


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  • Phil:

    .edu sites is growing day by day and people are more interested in getting them. Good points shared by the blogger. Also I would love to know the site which can provide me a good edu domain name.

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